Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good News

Thursday, December 29, 2011  10:00pm

Morgan has had a very big day.  We are so proud  of our daughter. 

First, she had her Swallow Study this morning.  All went very well!   She ate her bottle and the team was able to get the information they needed.  The results of the study are the best case scenario for Morgan. The team was able to draw the necessary conclusions to help Morgan take her feedings better.  The goal is to make feeding time an enjoyable experience and something she looks forward to.  They have implemented a plan that will be to Morgan's advantage.  We are so thankful for the positive news and the plan going forward!  Morgan will have to get eat from a bottle consistently every meal before she can come home.  However, we are on the right track to make that happen!  Please keep her feedings in your prayers, as that is one of the hurdles she will have to jump before her trip home. 

Secondly, Morgan got a new room with a view!  The doctor wanted Morgan to have a room with a window.  The purpose is so that Morgan will begin to learn the difference in day and night!  (Selfishly, Seth and I are hoping she learns to sleep through the night!)  She tolerated the trip down the hall very well and will spend her first night tonight in her new digs!  She moved from the Green Hall to the Blue Hall.

We continue to keep Morgan's lungs in our prayers.  Her dependency on the oxygen will have to improve before she can home.  We prayerful that she will make strides forward.  We also believe that her new feeding plan will help with her breathing.  If she is not struggling to breathe while eating, then the stress on her lungs will be reduced and ultimately her need for oxygen is lessened.

We are so thankful for the care Morgan is receiving.  Please keep her caregivers in your prayers, as well!

Many thanks for your prayers and concern for our daughter!  She is blessed and we are blessed to be surrounded by so many caring people!  Thank you!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wiggle Worm

Wednesday, December 28, 2011  9:30pm

Morgan has had an uneventful day!  She rested well and was very content. 

The team did not want to change too much in regards to her feedings until after the swallow study that will be preformed tomorrow morning.  Seth and I are prayerful the study will reveal what is necessary to give the doctors a plan and, ultimately, help Morgan feedings to improve.

While Morgan is still petite, it is very obvious that Morgan is growing.  She is gaining weight and beginning to look bigger.  I seem to notice it most when we are changing her clothes.  She is getting rolls on her thighs.... the very, cute, baby rolls!

Today I witnessed Morgan rolling around.  While we have seen her scoot around in her bed, we have never seen her make an effort to roll.  Today I placed her back in her crib on her back.  After a few seconds, I noticed that she was rolling to her left.  I guess that little wiggle worm wanted lay on her side. Instead of crying to get what she wanted, she just did it herself!

Recently we got a peak at her lung x-ray.  We have been told numerous times that the lungs heal very very slowly.  We had wanted to see the comparison from last month to this month.  We were able to see a very slight improvement!  Seth and I were thrilled!  Any improvement is a giant leap for her lungs.  We knew her lungs had improved some, due to her progression to the nasal cannula, but we had not seen it, physically, until night before last.

Please pray that the swallow study will be informative tomorrow.  We also continue to pray for her overall healing, growth, and development.  We pray her feedings go well and her dependency on the oxygen continues to decrease.  Please pray for her care team, as well.

Many thanks for all your prayers, love, and support!  We are grateful!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Excitement of Sharing

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 9:30 pm

As of this morning, Morgan continues to struggle with her feedings.  The staff at UAB wanted a closer look into what was going on, so what better way than sticking a camera in her tummy?  The technology available to our daughter constantly blows me away.  Anyway, this morning, the speech therapists stopped in to do just that.  We found some problem areas and they want to get a better a look on Thursday. They will place Morgan in front of an x-ray machine, dye her milk and watch it as it flows down to her little belly.  This will provide amazing insight in how to treat Morgan better, from a medical standpoint.  Her feeding is the largest hurdle before we are able to welcome her home. 

We truly hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas.  We know that we certainly did, as we cherished our sweet Morgan and remembered our precious Houston.  Elizabeth and I were able to spend time with both of our families and we were so appreciative of them for making this Christmas so special.  Each family member, on both sides, were able to share in the joy of holding this precious child...and we were able to snag a couple of photo ops, as well. 

After the Christmas Eve service, the Hassinger's came to see Morgan:

And on Christmas Day, the McCoin's went to visit:

This little princess is, obviously, surrounded by love.  We were so thankful to share her with our families and we look forward to sharing her with all of you, very soon. 

As we pray, we will continue to pray for Morgan's strength and ability to take her feedings.  We will also pray for those taking such wonderful care of her, that we have grown to love so much.  Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fussy, yet Feisty

Friday, December 23, 2011 9:30pm

Overall, Morgan seems to be feeling a little better.   Her total recovery is a slow process. We think she is moving in the right direction.     The doctor believes what she is experiencing this week is contributed to her overall lung condition.  Due to the cronic lung condition, this spell is not uncommon.  We just hope these incidents are few and far between. 

While Morgan ate the entire bottle last night, she has not eaten a full bottle by mouth since then.  The nurses will feed her by mouth until she tires out.  What she doesn't eat my mouth is given to her through her feeding tube.

She is still a little fussy and not resting well, however, Morgan was a little more alert today when I visited her.  We are certainly glad this is the case. 

Even though our little Morgan is not 100%, she is still up to her antics. Morgan is being administered antibiotics, as preventative, via an IV.  Yesterday, Morgan pulled a stunt and pulled the IV needle out of her left hand.  Naturally, the nurse moved the IV to her foot.  Today, she pulled the same stunt and the IV was out her foot.  As of this afternoon, Morgan's IV was in her right hand with extra straps to keep it from being pulled out!  That is our little, spunky and feisty little girl!  Start praying for us now... what stunts will she pull as she grows! 

We are prayerful and hopful that Morgan is feeling better and moving forward. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  Pray for her overall health, against infections, her lung development, and for those taking care of her.

Thank you for all your love and support!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rally Girl

Thursday, December 22, 2011 11:30 pm

Morgan has had a pretty rough few days.  She continued her struggle this morning and into the afternoon.  At some point, this evening, our little miracle began to rally.  She had been refusing to take her feedings from a bottle, but her 6:00 pm feeding was taken from a bottle and at 8:30, tonight, Elizabeth popped the bottle in her mouth and wolfed it down like a champ.  We came to be a little at ease and the worrying subsided in that moment.  She is looking better and is, noticeably, more alert.  She's still not out of the woods, but we are so proud of her for turning the day around and acting more like the lovable, personable baby we love so much. 

Keep praying for this baby to keep growing stronger and to keep up her fight.  Please, also continue to pray for the wonderful people at UAB that care so much for our child. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Spunk Today

Wednesday, December 21, 2011  9:30pm

Today, Morgan did not feel very well.  She continues to be fussy and she does not want to eat.  She has also become a little more dependant upon the oxygen. She is just not her spunky little self.  Her nurses have kept close eye on her condition and are making sure she is not getting any worse.  At this time we do not know exactly what is causing her to feel this way.  And, in reality, it could just be that she is very tired.

While we feel she is in great hands, it is hard to see her and know she is not 100%.   We are confident she will get the care she needs.  This is when Seth and I want to crawl into her little body and make her feel better!   

Please pray for healing in her little five pound body, as well as, the wisdom of those taking care of her.    We want her well, especially for Christmas!  All of the McCoins from Nashville will venture to see her on Christmas and we want her 100% for their visit!

Despite all of this, she sure is cute dressed in her Christmas gowns.  She has four sweet outfits that she has been rotating the month of December!  We love celebrating her first Christmas! 

Thank you for all of your love and support!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tired Little One

Tuesday, December 20, 2011  11:15pm

While Morgan has a fairly uneventful day, she has been very fussy and irritable.  The doctor does not seemed worried, as she is not showing any typical signs that something might be wrong.  Twice today, Morgan did not eat all of the bottle that was prepared for her.  They believe Morgan is very tired and just not in the mood to eat.  We do hope this is an exception and not becoming the norm.  Please pray that her little body will find rest and that she will resume eating full meals each feeding time.  We also pray that there is nothing hidden that is causing her not to feel well.

Other than that, there is not much to report on Morgan. She continues to capture our hearts and we love visiting with her.  She is truly a miracle and we are so blessed!

Thank you for your love and support!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, December 19, 2011

Morgan Accessorizes Her Crib...

Monday, December 19, 2011 8:15 pm

There is not much medically to report for our Morgan, which is great!  She is staying the course and passed the 5 pound mark over the weekend!  She is currently 5 lbs, 1 oz.  She looks huge compared to her first day with us.  To be honest, I saw a newborn, recently, that weighed almost 8 lbs.  I was so in shock that I had to ask the parents when the little rascal was going to be starting Kindergarten.

While Morgan continues to take her feedings from the bottle, we are noticing that she is becoming much more alert to her surroundings.  She is looking around, waving her arms and beginning to whimper and cry more.  Due to her continued improvement, she was awarded an addition to her crib...she got a new mobile!  She loves to hear the noises it makes and she watches so intently as the objects move and spark her little imagination.  Look at those eyes, as her mouth flaps wide open...

We are so thankful for her and her progressive steps toward coming home.  We are looking forward to having her with us, but we will miss the wonderful nurses and doctors that are taking such wonderful care of her...especially at 2:00 am when she decides it's the perfect time for a fire drill...

Merry Christmas,

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miss Personality

Thursday, December 15, 2011  9:45pm

Again, today, we are thankful that there is not much to report about Morgan's condition.  She continues to show her feisty self and draw the affection of many. 

The doctor said today that he is very pleased with Morgan's progress.  She is doing very well.  He noted that Morgan will get stronger each day as she puts on weight.  Time and nutrition are what she needs most.  We are pleased with the progress report! 

She continues to do well with her feedings.  Morgan has been eating most of her milk by bottle, but there have been several times, lately, where she got tired before finishing.  As a result, the feeding tube is back in.  It is only used when she does not eat an entire bottle.   While this is not ideal, Morgan has progressed very well, and quickly, with bottle feeding. 

Morgan had visitors today from The Bell Center.  Morgan will attend their program when she gets out of hospital.  The Bell Center will help Morgan developmentally, and, allow the gap between her gestational age and birth age to close.  These ladies wanted to come meet Morgan and begin to learn her personality.  In her typical fashion, Morgan showed her personality by pitching a royal fit and she wanted to be held.  While they where not there to do therapy, they were very impressed with her movements and her physical disposition.  I am excited about this program and the help that they will provide our Morgan. 

Thank you for all your continued support and prayers.  We know Morgan is a true mircale! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whopper Jr.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 9:45 pm

Morgan had a much better day today.  She seems to like the medicine that provides her a burst of caffeine.  This allows her to breathe much more comfortably as it opens up bronchial tubes.  She seemed very content during our after-dinner visit.

She continues to take her feedings from a bottle.  We are so thankful for this progress, especially.  Further, there are swirling conversations of our little girl coming home.  We are not sure how close we are, actually, but the the simple idea of having her home is quickly becoming a reality.  We are absolutely beaming at the prospect and everyday is one day closer.

There is not much more to report at this time.  She continues to gain weight and strength.  She is turning into a little whopper.  Today's weight was 4 lbs, 13 oz.!  Yep!  Three measly little ounces away from five pounds!  We could not be more proud.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Morgan and her wonderful nurses that scratch and claw to be assigned to her room.  We are also thankful for the wise and thorough doctors that are calling the shots. 

Much love,

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fussy, Fussy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 9:00pm

In the past few days, Morgan has been very quiet, resting, and eating!  She had even done so well eating, that they had removed her feeding tube! 

Today, she was a little irritated and fussy.

The doctor discontinued one of Morgan's medicines yesterday and that seems to have been too much too fast.  Morgan was uncomfortable and would not eat all of her meals from the bottle, today.  As a result, the doctor re-administered the medicine.  Going forward, the doctor will wean her little by little.  Her little body needs to gradually get used to not having this particular medicine in her system.  Obviously, if she does not feel well, she is not going to eat and not going to progress.  As her weaning continues in the next few days, please pray her body will react accordingly and get used  not to having it in her system.

Amongst her fussiness, I caught Morgan smiling at me!  Her precious little smile makes my heart melt!  Everyday we get closer and closer to bringing her home! We can hardly wait!  Yet, we are anxious with anticipation and nervous about really being in charge of her care.  Please pray for us as we begin this transition in our minds and move toward bringing our little girl home!

Everyday I am reminded of the fantastic care Morgan is receiving and the loving hearts of her caregivers!  Not only do they perform their duty, they truly love Morgan.  This interest in our daughter is humbling and overwhelming!  We have been so blessed through this entire process with wonderful people who want Morgan to get better and who also care for her parents.

In your prayers, please keep Morgan's lungs, growth and development. Please pray for her body as the doctor begins to wean her from the medicine.  Also, please pray for wisdom for her caregivers.

We are grateful for such wonderful friends and family who continue to support us through this journey!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chip Off The 'Ol Block!

Sunday, December 11, 2011  6:00pm

Morgan has been a very good girl this weekend!  She knows Santa is keeping his watch on her!

Every meal for two days Morgan ate the entire bottle during her feeding.  This is very big news.  We are excited that she had enough strength to do so!  This is a big step towards her ultimately coming home!  While, she was not able to sustain every meal, we are very encouraged that she has been able to make it as far as she has.  Morgan has picked up the eating from a bottle very well!  All the nurses agree that she is doing remarkably well with it.  Of course, with parents who love to eat, we knew Morgan would have no trouble being hungry!  She must be a chip off the 'ol block!

We have the preliminary report on Morgan's eyes.  While the official doctor's report is not in her chart, we have been told that her eyes are developing normally.  Due to some of her oxygen requirements in the first weeks, there was a real risk of correctable damage to her retina.  Morgan does not have any damage to retinas.  Her eyes are where they are supposed to be for her age!  Praise! Praise!  Upon hearing this news, several of her caregivers from both hospitals have portrayed to us what a real miracle this is!  Praise! Praise!

Other than that, Morgan is resting well and growing. Due to the calories she is buring while eating, she is gaining weight very slowly.   That is normal!  We are pleased with her continues progress and are really beginning to vision her coming home!

Our prayer requests continue to be her development, her nutrition, her growth, against infecitons.  Also, Seth and I are battlting our allerigeis this week.  Please pray that we will not get sick, because, if we do, we cannot go see Morgan.  Please keep her doctors and nurses in your prayers, as well!

Thank you for all the kind words, prayers and support of our Morgan! In a season where we celebrate our Saviors birth, we are also rejoicing in the birth our baby girl! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Strong Arm

Thursday, December 8, 2011  10:00pm

Morgan has had a very routine day!  These proud parents are pleased to write that there is not much to report tonight!

She has eaten well, slept and interacted with us today.  She did have an eye exam, but we do not know the results, yet.  Hopefully we will learn tomorrow. 

Our little baby is loves her passy very much!  When we arrived tonight to visit Morgan, the nurse was near her room standing in amazement!  She told us that she found her pacifier five feet from her bed just few minutes before we got there.  This means that Morgan threw her passy five feet across her room towards the door! Morgan was just telling her nurse that she wanted attention!  The way she got it was flinging her pacifier!  Our little girl has a very strong arm, already!

Thank you for continuing to pray and keep up with Morgan!  We pray for her lungs, her development, her feedings and her overall growth!   Also, keep those at UAB in your prayers.

Thank you for supporting and loving us all!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guess Who Came to Visit Morgan!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011  10:30 pm

Morgan just keeps on impressing her Proud Poppa!  She continues to improve and we are so thankful.  As I listen to Dean Martin singing Christmas songs to me, I truly understand that this is the absolute best Christmas I'll ever have.  Of course it's not because I believe Dino sings, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" better than anyone has ever's because of my sweet, precious gift, Morgan!  I have finally been able to open my Christmas present early without my mother's eyes rolling and being disappointed I found "the stash."

Sweet Morgan continues to take a few meals, per day, from a bottle.  This is very encouraging since it is the last major hurdle in front of her before she is able to come home.  The better she feeds, the bigger she, she is 4 lbs 8 oz!  While her weight and ability to take a bottle carry an homogeneous relationship, there is much more focus on her taking a bottle, for so many reasons.  We are thankful for her progress. 

Further, on the up-slope, Morgan moved back to the regular-flow nasal cannula today.  While she has been reliant upon the high-flow nasal cannula, she would still be able to come home and meet her pooch, Wagg, if she can sustain the "regular-flow."  Of course, it is much more preferable if Morgan comes home without having to rely upon oxygen, but the switch back to the regular-flow nasal cannula is another big step toward her "furry, anxious friend." 

All of that said, Morgan is simply improving on a daily basis.  We are so proud of her progress and how she continues to amaze us with her endurance and will.  I have never seen such a bundle of fire in a package as small as this one.  Of course that is a blanket statement, from me (who appreciates the detriment of such statements and the simplicity of Hemingway), but it is absolutely the truth.  She's a tough little booger that just won't quit.  I have so much admiration for this child. 

On the heels of my bragging, I will, now, unfurl the curtain in front of the mysterious visitor...I will provide three hints:  1) HO!, 2) HO!, and 3) HO!  You got it!  Ol' Saint Nick paid a visit to Morgan today!  We had an inclination that he may drop by for a visit, so she had a bath this morning and her sweet grandmother, Augusta, found the most adorable outfit for their first introduction.  Further, since Morgan can't write her own "wish list" to Santa Claus, we recruited a precious, sassy, 5 yr. old angel to help her write it out.  Morgan's first list to Santa included:

          1 Dandle-roo (a swaddling device), 1 Moma-roo (the amazing swing we continue to
          reference) 1,000,000 pacifiers, 1 new blanket and 1 TRIP HOME! 

The list was appropriate and very well hand-written...

As Morgan and her mother shared a moment, look who snuck in, quietly:

After the introduction, our Morgan wasted no time to have him take a quick glance at her precious list (we told you that she knows what she wants, when she wants it!):

We tried to explain what all was happening, so we stuffed her in a stocking to help drive in the point, while she listened attentively:

She continued to listen, in amazement, about how this guy brings her gifts (but her daddy still gives better kisses!):

She finally giggled and let us know that she had grasped the idea and that she was "okay" with it:

Later, we convinced the princess to try and go to sleep with sugar plums dancing through her head:

Of course, this portion of our fun with Morgan is, simply, focusing on the lesser importance of Christmas, but it was fun to watch our daughter interact with what lies ahead.  She was so much fun and so cute. 

We thank you all for continuing to care for her and keeping her in your prayers.  We, also, couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful people that have devoted their skills to caring for our precious Morgan at UAB. 

We thank you all and we hope you all have a wonderful start to your holiday season. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 9:00am

Morgan wants to wish her maternal Great-Grandmother a Happy Birthday! "Happy Birthday, Bet!" Morgan had a very quiet day yesterday.

As in previous days, she ate, rested and hung out! The doctors have increased Morgan's feedings significantly. They want her to gain more weight and have the strength to learn to eat. The additional food will help with her growth and overall development. Morgan, today, weighs 4 pounds 8 ounces. Recently, Morgan's weight has fluctuated. She will gain weight one day and lose a little the next. Each time she eats, which is every three hours, she burns many calories. Morgan is essentially doing an aerobic work out every time eats. She needs the extra food and calories to keep growing strong! Of course, Morgan loves the extra food. The lip smacker got her wish, more food! She is a hungry, hungry hippo!

Our prayer requests remain the same: Morgan's lungs, her growth and development, her feedings, against infections, and for those who take care of her.

We are often asked if we have a target date to bring Morgan home. At this time, we do not. The doctors have not mentioned anything about going home to us. There are several milestones Morgan will have to reach before they will consider it. The good news is that Morgan is slowly moving towards that day. Each day she continues to do well is one step closer to her arrival home!

Morgan is 13 weeks old today.

Thank you for all your love and support! Love, Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, December 5, 2011


Monday, December 5, 2011 9:00pm

Morgan's day has been very uneventful!  She has rested, swung and eaten!  Same ol', same ol'! 

Morgan continues to learn to eat from a bottle!  Often times, before her meal, Morgan is waking up and fussing and letting the nurses know she is hungry.  I can just see her screaming, "Feed Me!"  Are we surprised Morgan continues to find ways to tell us when and what she wants? 

We also think Morgan is in a growth spurt.  Sometimes, Morgan will be smacking her lips after eating a bottle indicating that she is still hungry!  Even when she tires out and doesn't eat the entire bottle, she will smack her lips! 

Morgan has a great care team of nurses!  We are blessed to have many people who genuinely care for our daughter!  There are many nurses on the unit, who are not on Morgan's team, who come to see our cute little one.  She is defintely known around the NICU! These wonderful nurses are spoiling our little one!!  When they have a few extra minutes, they often go to Morgan's room to hold her and interact with her!  I have told each of one them that they will be on rotation to come hold Morgan when she arrives home!  This little one is spoiled!  And, we are spoiled with such wonderful caregivers!

Thank you to all of you for loving, praying and caring for our daughter!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Loving the Swing

Monday, December 5, 2011 8:00 am

Morgan has stayed pretty content and quiet over the past few days.  She is staying the course and not much, medically, to report.  Obviously, this is the equivalent of good news.

Her feeds continue to go very well.  Overnight and through Sunday, there were five feeds in a row that Morgan took entirely from the bottle.  Way to go, Morgan!  She is also putting on more weight.  Yesterday afternoon the little monster weighed 4 lbs, 7 oz. 

The ear infection that created some havoc last week has subsided.  The presence of any infection, in Morgan, is worrisome and we are thankful that her body was able to fight it away.

Morgan loves her swing.  It sits on the floor in her room and I think she may have spent more time in the swing than her crib this weekend!  She seems so content as it gently sways her back and forth. 

When she isn't knocked out in her swing, she is being more interactive with us.  She is recognizing our voices, curiously looking into our eyes and, generally, more cognizant of her surroundings.  We are having so much fun watching her develop and progress.

We are so thankful for all you and your continued prayers.  We are also thankful for the wonderful people that are taking such wonderful care of Morgan. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Wednesday, November 30, 2011  8:45pm

Morgan is hanging tight today.  There really has not been much change in her condition, therefore there is not much to report!  Today was day of rest and relaxation!  A little R&R does a body good!

The doctor is pleased with how Morgan is progressing. Slow and steady!  That is our Morgan! 

When visiting with Morgan today, I just gazed in her eyes and held her in my hands.  I was struck by how big she has gotten.  There were days when you could fit her in one of your palms.  Today, I used one hand to cradle her head and the other to hold her body!  Keep on growing Morgan! 

Thank you for all of your continued love, support and prayers.  Please continue to keep Morgan lungs, feedings and overall development in your prayers!  Remember the wonderful staff at UAB, too, as your lift up our baby girl!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quiet Day

Tuesday, November 29, 2011  9:30pm

Morgan has had a very routine day.  Honestly, there is not much to report about this day. 

She has rested well, had a bath, and has been content for most of the day.  The doctors are pleased with her progress.  The is not much change.

On Sunday, Morgan began a short steroid regimen to try to help boost her lungs and ultimately move towards weaning her from the nasal cannula.  Today is day three out of five.

Morgan continues to try to learn to eat from the bottle. As we have stated before, this is a very slow process.  Each time she takes a full bottle during a feeding, it is like climbing a set of stairs for an adult.  It simply wears her out. Over the next few weeks, she will gain the strength to climb those stairs every three hours, when it is her feeding time. 

Please continue to pray for Morgan's lung development and healing.  Also remember her feedings as well as the energy and strength needed to progress.  She is doing very well.  Please keep those charged with her care in your prayers, as well. 

Today was one of those work days for me... meetings all day and then a client dinner tonight.  I found time to breathe and go visit Morgan this afternoon. That little turkey and I rested in the recliner for about 45 minutes.  I relished in her warm skin against mine.  My heart sang as I listened to her baby noises and I had the biggest smile on my face.  Seth and I just love being around her and find so much joy in all she does!

As always,  thank you for all your love and support!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, November 28, 2011

Swinging in Daddy's Arms

Monday, November 28, 2011  9:45pm

Morgan has had a great day!  She has rested, eaten and, even, had swing time!  She seems to be so happy!

Morgan continues to breathe on the high-flow nasal cannula and do well.  Her lungs are still very critical, but they are slowly getting better.  It is important for us not to forget that this will continue to be her biggest battle.  We need to pray for growth and healing.

Big News...Morgan has taken a full feed via the bottle!  Morgan has been learning to eat from a bottle for about a week now.  Well last night and this afternoon, Morgan ate the entire bottle of milk during her feeding time!  That is a big step forward!  There are feedings where she tires out or is not interested in eating from the bottle, so she will be feed the old way. However,  as she learns this new habit, we are thrilled that she has been able, twice, to take the entire feedings via her mouth!  She is learning!  This is a very critical process to learn, as she must accomplish this in order to come home with us!  We keep this in our prayers, as well! 

The report on the infection is as good as can be expected.  The doctors believe she has a typical "little kid" ear infection and nothing major. She will continue on her antibiotic course to ensure that it clears up!  We are thankful it is is not any worse than it is!

We thank you for keeping all three of us and UAB team in your prayers!  We are blessed to be surrounded by so many people that care about our family!

Morgan brings pure joy to Seth and me.  Despite the exhausting days of dealing with all of our emotions, we find such joy in going to visit Miss Morgan!  All of her coos, smiles, squirms and moments mesmerize her parents!  We, literally, yearn to bring her home.  Seth can hardly wait to have perched next to him on the couch! 

When we arrived tonight, Morgan was happily swinging in the swing by her crib.  I think Seth and I paced back and forth several times before we couldn't stand it anymore.  Seth finally bent down, un-buckled Morgan, and picked her to swing her in his arms and hold her close to his chest!  It was a precious sight to see!  I love it!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Granmary Comes to Visit

Sunday, November 27, 2011 9:15 pm

Morgan held her course over the holiday weekend.  One main change is that she, now, has an ear infection.  While the infection is being treated, is it causing her to fluctuate in her breathing.  We are thankful that she was moved to the high-flow nasal cannula because it has provided the intended "wiggle room."  The ear infection was caught early and we are hopeful that this will be behind us soon.

We continue to enjoy every moment we spend with her.  This weekend, it was Granmary's turn!  My mother came down from Nashville and spent four days with her beautiful granddaughter.  It was a delight for her to get to hold Morgan and it was a delight for us to see. 

We also are thankful for all of you and your continued prayers.  The UAB staff continues to rally around our daughter and provide her with the best care.  We are truly blessed. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 25, 2011 9:00pm

Morgan wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Our little turkey is holding her course, resting, eating and growing!  We are so thankful for her continued improvements and pray that there are many more in the days and weeks ahead!

We hope everyone had a Wonderful, Safe and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thoroughly Thankful

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Morgan had another really good day.  In this week of thanks, we have so much to be thankful for.  In less than two days, we'll all sit around a table of turkey, while our little turkey fights away in the hospital.  She continues to spread her feathers and show us how blessed we are.

Morgan's lungs continue to do well.  She has been on the nasal cannula for some time now, but today she showed signs that she may need a little more help.  She was introduced to the high-flow cannula.  This is not alarming, it simply gives us a little more wiggle room to keep her off of the C-PAP.  While we would like for her to move further away, we understand that the roller coaster is still in-play.  The next step is to return to the nasal cannula very soon.

Today, we had hoped that the speech therapists would make their way to Morgan's crib.  Unfortunately, they weren't able to make it all the way through their rounds today, but we were in for a special surprise, anyway.  Our precious nurse tried to tinker with Morgan's 3:00 pm feeding and give us a gift.  As the cap of a bottle was placed in Morgan's mouth, she began to show signs that she just might be able to take a bottle.  Milk was dripped into the absent-bottled end of the cap she gnawed on the rubber contraption and took the milk down, to the tune of 7 cc's!  Almost a fourth of her regular feeding(s)!  What a major accomplishment! 

Sweet Morgan continues to receive her vaccines.  She has handled them well and we pray that she will continue to do so.  These are vital to her, as they were to all of us, however, this little princess tends to need a little more care in the administration of each of them. 

As I stated earlier, this is a week of thanks in our wonderful country.  Elizabeth and I are so thankful for our privilege to live here.  We are thankful for the wonderful care our children have been able to receive.  We are thankful for our God and all He has provided.  As we sit around our tables of thanks, on Thursday, please remember how lucky each of us are.  The founders of our country were as rebellious as precious Morgan is to a diaper change (and that's a pretty big rebellion).  Give thanks for all of those in your presence and all of those who have taught you along the way.  Pray for our Morgan and remember OUR Houston.  Each of us have so much to be thankful for.  We are very blessed.  As an overly proud father, I can say that we are all blessed this year, more than last.  Houston and Morgan have touched all of us in such an amazing capacity, I could never write the appropriate adjectives, metaphors or similes.  Remember these lessons and give thanks... Great thanks.  Selfishly, I'm adding the link to the lessons that Houston taught us, please click, read and be thankful for what he did for us:

As my family assembles around a feast, we will be thankful for all of you.  We will be thankful for the lessons we've learned, the wonderful angels that have cared for our children and the overwhelming blessings that have been bestowed upon us.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. 

Thanks be to God.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Monday, November 21, 2011  10:30pm

Morgan continues to have quiet and uneventful day.  Her little personality amazes us and we loved seeing it unfold. 

I feel like I am repeating myself lately on the blog.  In an effort not to sound redundant, Morgan is holding her course, slowly improving and progressing forward. 

She is tolerating all feedings and is growing. I swear, lately, I feel like she has grown each time I see her. 

Morgan's dependency on the nasal cannula support has fluctuated a little bit in the last few days.  This is not uncommon, but we would prefer her to become less dependant.  Her lungs are still very critical and this is just a result of their slow development. 

In the coming days she will have another eye exam.  This is just routine and we are prayerful her eyes will get the same report as last time....  "they are doing as well as expected for a baby her age."

Speech therapy will visit her tomorrow.  Hopefully she will cooperate.  Morgan next biggest task is to learn to breathe while sucking and swallowing all at the same time.  This will be learned habit that will take time to develop. We are hopeful tomorrow will be the first step forward. 

Our prayer requests are for Morgan's 1) lung healing and development, 2) her overall growth and development 3) her tolerating her feedings 4) her therapies, 5) against infections and 6) those charged with her care.  Thank you for joining us in lifting Morgan up!

This afternoon Seth and I took turns holding Morgan.  We hold her close, snuggle and give her many kisses.  Time seems to fly away during these moments.  Precious moments and a highlight in our day.  Often times she will be wide awake and we will get to gaze into her eyes and just talk to her. At one point today, I looked over and saw my two favorite people in matching shirts.  They both look so pretty in their pink!  (and peaceful while snoozing!) 

We hope you all are well!  Thank you for loving us all!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Weekend of "Firsts"

Sunday, November 20, 2011  8:15pm

Morgan has a very good weekend! We are excited to have many uneventful days where Morgan slowly, but surely improves. 

Morgan continues to breathe with the nasal cannula.  Over time, we hope to be able to reduce Morgan's dependency on the oxygen support and, therefore, wean her off the cannula.  Morgan can come home with a cannula, but it is ideal for her to come home nasal cannula free!

She is tolerating her feedings.   Today, she weighed ....  get ready .... four pounds!  She has crossed another threshold!  Yea, Morgan!  Morgan continues to visibly get bigger.  She has come a long way from one pound five ounces!  In order for Morgan to come home, she will have to learn to eat from a bottle.  Each time they feed her, they try to get her to take the pacifier,  They hope she is learning to associate the sucking with the food hitting her tummy.  We hope they attempt to teach her to use the bottle again this week! 

The nurse told me that the phyical therapist has said numerous times that Morgan has the best posture and range of motion of any baby in the nicu!  What a huge honor to have!  Her nurse said she believed it because, as compared to other babies at her age, she looks so phyically healthy.  Seth and
I are pound of our sweet Morgan's accomplishment! That is huge!

We continue to pray for her lung healing and growth, her overall growth in the development, her learning to eat from a bottle, and against any infections.    We pray also for her continued care and those who are charged with this task!  We are blessed with such wonderful caregivers.

On Friday night, Seth and I got to witness a "first" for Morgan.  While on her tummy, we witnessed her turning her head from facing left to facing right all by herself.  She pushed up with her arms then rotated her head.  It was an unbelievable moment!  Seth and I were so fired up and excited to see our big girl getting so strong! 

Today, we got to assist in Morgan's bath.  Morgan has her first tub experience, and she was very unsure about sitting in the water!  She tolerated it well, and it was fun for us to capture her expressions on the camera!  I even got one of her sticking her tongue out at us!  That girl has a mind of her own!

Thank you for your continued support, love and prayers for all three of us! We are aware that are many prayer warriors keeping up with our Morgan that we do not even know. We are so humbled!  Your prayers are certainly felt and working!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  God is so good!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Loving the Rocking Chair

Thursday, November 17, 2011   9:15pm

Morgan continues to hold her course today.  We are so proud of her progress and pray she continues to move forward. 

While she remains on the nasal cannula, her levels have fluctuated today.  This is not alarming to the doctors.   They are encouraged that she has made it this long on the nasal cannula and feel that this is great progress forward. However, it is very important that she stabilizes these numbers.  The risk if she cannot stabilize is that she may end back up on the C-PAP.   We are not at that point, today, and I pray we do not get to that point.  Please pray that her numbers stabilize, her breathing continues to become easier, and that her lungs heal.  They are all critical points to her coming home. 

The physical therapist spoke with me today.  She was very pleased with Morgan's posture, her movements, her muscle tone and her disposition. She feels Morgan is doing very well.  This therapy will continue throughout her stay at UAB. 

Morgan's feedings continue to go well and she continues to grow. She is resting very well.  Morgan has already figured out how to get the nurses to rock her.  Morgan even got one nurse to hold and rock her for an hour and half last night while she slept!  I am afraid that Morgan is learning that she loves to be held all the time!  I hope the nurses are prepared to come home with us!

Please continue to pray for Morgan's overall health and for those who take care of her.  We are blessed with great care!

She is now 10 week old.  When we look back over the last 10 weeks, it is hard to imagine how far she has come.  The fight this little girl has in her is amazing! She is a miracle!

Thank you for your love, support and prayers!  We are so humbled that you care so much about us and our daughter!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Innocent? I don't think so!

November 16, 2011  10:15pm

I glad to write that Morgan has a quiet day.  There is not much to report!

She continues to breathe on her own on the nasal cannula and her feedings continue to go well.  She is receiving a dose of diuretics to help avoid too much fluid in her body. Speech therapy, who is teaching her suck and swallow, as well as, physical therapy came to work with Morgan today. She is growing and gaining weight and continuing to improve.  We could not be happier!

We continue to pray for her overall development, her lungs, her feedings, and against infections.  As we always mention, please pray for wisdom and guidance for those who administer care to our Morgan!  We are so thankful and indebted to them!

Tonight we left her swaddled, resting and with a full belly!  She seems so innocent!  However, we learned that when speech therapy came to work with her she pitched a royal fit.  Apparently, the therapist woke her up to work with her.  Sweet Morgan was not in the mood, so she cried and dropped her heart rate.  The therapist quickly said that she would work with her another day.  Aren't you supposed to let sleeping babies alone?  Someone needs to remind the therapist of that! ;) 

Thank you for caring for our daughter, keeping up with her and praying for us!  We are so blessed!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Staying the Course

Tuesday, November 15, 2011  9:00pm

Can you still see us beaming?  We are so excited that Morgan has continued to be off the C-PAP and be in her big girl crib!  Thank you so much for sharing in our excitement today! 

Morgan has held her course!  She is doing well, as the doctor had hoped!  The UAB nurses are even sharing the excitement and cheering Morgan on! It has been fun for Seth and me to share this with them, as well as, the nurses/friends from  St. Vincent's!  This little one has captured many of the caregivers' hearts and it is humbling to have them genuinely cheering her on, along side us!

She will continue with physical therapy and begin to receive therapy to help her learn to swallow and eat from a bottle.  These are big steps in her life and giant leap towards her arrival home. 

Please continue to pray for her as she continues in the transition to breathing her own, learns her new habits and her overall growth and development.  The Lord hears us and is healing our daughter!  Pray also for her caregivers. 

As Seth mentioned last night, she loves being held!  She is getting spoiled rotten by her dear nurses.  They are going to have to come home with us to help us rock her constantly! 

Today, there was another first.   Papa (a.k.a. David Hassinger) got to hold Morgan for the first time.  She was swaddled and he rocked her to sleep after she finished her lunch. 

Thanks, again, for caring for our daughter!  She is a blessed little girl! 


Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, November 14, 2011

C...C...C Ya' Later C-PAP!

Monday, November 14, 2011 10:00 pm

Magnificent Morgan had a fabulous day!  In fact, due to her recent progress, the doctor decided to remove the C-PAP and she started on nasal cannula.  This is a MONSTER step for our daughter, as she has taken so many, with many miles to go.  It's been an amazing day to see her doing so well.  As a parent, this has to be one of my happiest and proudest moments. 

I had "one of those days" at work and wasn't able to completely focus on what all was happening at the hospital, but as I was receiving my quick, elevator briefing, on the way to Morgan's room, I thought I heard Elizabeth say, "I wonder if she's in a crib?"  Trying hard not to ride the roller coaster through the ups and downs, I simply responded, "I hope she is, but let's not be upset if she isn't."  I, literally, knew that there was no way this child was going to be able to jump from the C-PAP and out of the incubator in the same day.  It would make for a great story and everyone needs dreams. 

We walked down the hall, signed in and propelled ourselves to Morgan's room.  I turned the corner, glanced toward Morgan and went straight for the sink to "wash up."  Standing at the sink, I paused, turned around and the incubator was gone.  It had been replaced with a crib...or as we call it, "a big-girl bed."  I was in utter shock.  This little booger had done it!  She made the jump I didn't think was possible!  She was in the nurse's arms being rocked as she was swaddled so tightly.  We were informed that she didn't want to be in her bed or in the swing, she just wanted to be held.  I couldn't believe my ears.  Words like "bed," "swing" and "constantly held" have been so foreign to me in relation to my thoughts of Morgan.  So what this means is that these people were telling me that I could walk into Morgan's room, simply reach into her crib and pick her up...whenever I want?  It is an absolute dream come true.  By this point, I don't even remember the nurse handing Morgan to me, I just know that she was in my arms and my smile was so big it hurt.  

We were so proud of our daughter.  We couldn't stop smiling, holding her or looking in her saucer-sized eyes.  I was totally mesmerized in the moment.  Her gigantic step was too much to soak in, but I can say it was just fun to hold her and watch her being held.  The moment was meaningful and we were absolutely giddy, as parents.  We made jokes, we laughed and Morgan just stayed in our arms as we passed her back and forth.  I forced myself to draw the line as Elizabeth told me to hold this little peach and do "the Heisman pose."  I did not think that Morgan would appreciate the thought of being displayed as a football in my arms when she earns her first win on the LPGA tour...

She is so precious.  Today is the first day she's worn clothes!  It's fun to see her little sleeves all rolled up, like her daddy's, her little pink stocking cap and her little legs poking out from the bottom of her white bed dress.  She was absolutely angelic.  Further, a dear friend stopped by with an overflowing bag of premie clothes from the time her child had spent in the NICU.  I'm pretty sure that Morgan has more clothes than I do now and we are so grateful!

I will stop rambling at this point and please forgive my joy as it flows through the keyboard.  We are so thankful and so excited.  What a day!  Elizabeth has been bouncing off the walls and I'm pretty sure she won't sleep a wink tonight...

Elizabeth and I are always remembering all of you.  We are so overwhelmed and in awe of how many lives our children have touched.  There's even a local hardware store that has, "GO MO GO," painted in pink letters on the window!  We could never repay any of this to any of you.

Please continue to pray for Morgan's progress and those, at UAB, that are helping her along the way.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

P.S.  Thank you Todd for painting the windows of your store, Huffstutler's Hardware, in Homewood!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Miss Priss Morgan

Sunday, November 13, 2011  9:45pm

Morgan has held her own and had very quiet day!  We are thankful! 

Truly, there is not much to report.  Morgan continues to tolerate her feedings.  She is doing so well, they upped her consumption to 23 ml per feeding, every three hours. She continues to grow stronger and stronger.  Today she weighed 3 pounds 6 ounces!    She is visibly bigger.

This weekend they were able to wean her further off of the C-PAP.  She has tolerated it well and progressing forward, slowly, and, as mentioned, at her own pace.   Her settings are so low, that there is not much more they can wean.  We hope and pray that she will be weaned totally off the C-PAP, very soon!  Wouldn't that be wonderful?!?!?!?!?!

Recently, on our visits, we have really gotten to see Morgan recognize our voices.  Twice this weekend, I have gone up to her and said "Hey Morgan" and her lips curled with a smile.  I melted!  My heart sang!  I beamed from ear to ear!  I am SO ready to have her home.

Both of us got to spend time holding her this weekend!  These moments are indescribable!  Today, Seth was holding her reclined in the chair and I was laying on the couch. My mind immediately jumped to thinking and really looked forward to more Sunday afternoon's like we had today! 

Thank you to all who continue to keep, as her nurse calls her, Miss Priss Morgan in your prayers.  We continue to lift up her lung development, her feedings and her overall health.  We are prayerful she will get off the C-PAP soon and be prong-free!  What a day that will be!  Please keep her caregivers in your prayers. They are our angels! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Friday, November 11, 2011

Her Own Pace

Friday, November 11, 2011 11:50 pm

Please pardon last night's pause in updates.  Elizabeth and I needed to pause as precious Morgan has not had her best few days, yet we are at ease, at this moment.  Rather than create any alarm, we chose to not update the blog last night.  However, as I stated, we are comfortable with her status.

Morgan is working at her own pace.  Without pain medicine or steroids, we are now waiting on her lungs to develop to the point that she can leave the C-PAP in her wagon's dust.  While her wagon slowly creeps toward the "gold of the West," we are anxiously cheering her on. 

Morgan's dependence on oxygen has elevated, which caused great concern for her parents.  We have been so used to walking into her room and seeing low settings, that every increase has an alarming effect.  However, all it takes is a bit of learning from the careful, wonderful staff at UAB to allow our concerns to lessen. 

After last night's signals, we were worried that the hypertension in her little lungs had returned.  Today, an echo cardiogram was ordered to get a closer look at her lungs and heart.  As we anxiously awaited the technician to arrive, I found myself in my office unable to move or think.  I waited and waited.  Just prior to 5:00 pm, after I had shut my computer down and was on my way to the parking lot, Elizabeth called me with the wonderful news that there was little, to no, hypertension in Morgan's lungs.  I was relieved.  My shoulders dropped and the world returned to it's proper axis. 

This result is an indication that we are patiently waiting on our little girl to grow strong and develop new lung tissue that will help her to sustain life without assistance.  While the process is pain-stakingly slow, we are pleased that, for now, there is not a recurring hurdle in her way. 

Magnificent Morgan continues to gain weight and show great promise.  As I wrote in an earlier blog, she is noticeably larger.  She looks like a big ol' monster compared to her first day with us.  Her feedings continue to go well, each three hours.  She still hates her feeding tube, but we would be worried if she didn't! 

We left Morgan, tonight, as she rested settled, peaceful and calm.  We look forward to the morning to call and find out what mischief she got into tonight.  While her mischief may sound cute and cuddly, I am still trying to imagine the estrogen-filled house I will live in for the next 18 years.  Keep this meager father in your prayers, and let's hope that the construction of the Morgan's turret is completed soon (and that her hair never grows as long as Rapunzel's)! 

We, so, wish that we could invite all of you into her room.  She is such an adored angel.  Just the sight of her can light up your eyes, your soul and all desire to just squeeze her cherished cheeks.  We thank you all for your prayers. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Persistent Pistol

Wednesday, November 9, 2011  9:45pm

Morgan has had a busy day.  Seth and I woke to learn Morgan's settings had not improved over night.  We both went to the hospital to meet with the doctor during rounds.  First, we wanted to know about our daughter's health and how do we get her better, and secondly, we wanted to remind them that we were around and involved in her care and healing.

After a set of labs, the doctor decided to go ahead and give her a blood transfusion, as well as dyuretics to remove any extra fluids from her body.  Seth and I hoped this would help our little girl.  When we went to visit her tonight, she seemed to be resting well and going down on her settings.  All of this is a direct result of the blood transfusion and expulsion of extra fluids.  We are thankful that this seemed to be the ticket for Morgan this time. 

Also included in the lab work were tests run to rule out infections.  At this time, I am happy to report Morgan is infection free. Praise, Praise!  Please continue to pray it stays this way! 

Morgan's feedings continue to go well. She is gaining weight and growing.  We are prayful that this will continue.  We know that good nutrition is critical to her lungs so that new tissue can develop. 

Please continue to keep Morgan's lungs in her your prayers and pray that her dependancy on the C-PAP will lessen in the days to come.  We need to take baby steps forward towards weaning her off the machine.  The good news is that this machine is not damaging her lung growth, so it is not dangerous for her to be on it.    Continue to keep her overall health and development, in your prayers.  Please don't forget those charged with her care at UAB in your prayers, as well.  We are blessed with such wonderful people.

Despite all the medical "stuff", Morgan continues to initate any new nurse that she may have.  This morning, her new nurse went to give her breakfast and found her feeding tube in her bed ... wonder who pulled that out ???  ..... She is a pistol!

We hope and pray all is well with each one of you!  Thank you for your continued support!  I promise you, it is a humbling feeling to know someone is praying for our daughter at moments when we will feel we cannot pray or we are beyond exhausted. 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long Lashes

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 9:45pm

Morgan has had a fairly quiet day.  She continues to rest comfortably and tolerate her feedings.  Today she weighs 2 pounds 15 ounces.  She is growing!

Her lungs continue to be our biggest prayer request.  The doctors will continue to wean Morgan slowly and we pray she tolerates it.  Again, today, she has had an "episode" where her stats dropped.  They have not had to go up on the C-PAP settings very much, however, we would like for them to come back to where they have been in the past.  We want to wean her from the machine, not be more dependent upon it.   One solution being considered is a blood transfusion.  This is very common and normal.  Morgan gets blood work done every day and her little body cannot make as much blood as they are taking.  She has had a transfusion before, but not since she has been under the care of UAB. 

In addition to praying for her lungs and her digestive system, we need not forget to pray against infections.  At this time, she does not have one.  However, any symptom of an infection can be a large step backwards, which we do not want.  Transfusions create great risks and much more attention is required.

Please continue to pray for her overall health, development and growth.  Also, pray that those administering care to Morgan will have the wisdom and guidance needed to provide her with the treatment she needs.  We are thankful to have had such great care over the last nine weeks.

As Morgan was laying on her side, I noticed how long her little eye lashes were.  I made a comment about it to the nurse and she came to look.  Hopefully, she will not be like me and "trim" them when she is little.  It is fun to notice all the nuances of her little body as she develops. I now understand what the Lord meant when he describes knitting together a baby in a mother's womb.  Humbling! Powerful!

Again, we thank you for your love, prayers and support!  We are overwhelmed with the out pouring! Thank you!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Blue Eyes

Monday, November 7, 2011 9:15pm

Morgan has had a good day.  Honestly, there is not much to report.

Morgan continues to be on the C-PAP machine and holding steady.  She did have one "episode" last night where her stats went down and they, therefore, had to turn up a few settings a little to help her out. This is very typical of a premature babies her age.  Our prayer is that she will continue to become less dependant on the C-PAP and the doctors can wean her off it.  As mentioned, this is a very slow process.  Sometimes patience is a very hard thing to have!

Her feedings continue to go well.  She is eating every 3 hours.  Someone brought it to our attention that we had not given her weight in a while.  Morgan weighs 2 pounds 14 ounces.  She lost her fluid weight and now this is an accurate weight.  She continues to grow and this weight provides the strength she needs to heal. 

During our visits today, Morgan was resting well and looked extremely comfortable!  She was kicking her legs and waving her arms.  Her big blue eyes would open wide, gaze at us and speak to our hearts.  Priceless moments.  She is, also, recognizing our voices.  That little girl is so special to us!

Please continue to pray for 1) Morgan's lungs, 2) her overall health, 3) against infections, and 4) the doctors and nurses taking care of her.  We are blessed to live in a city that has the best hospital for neonatal lung care in the country.  We know, without a doubt, in Morgan's eight weeks, she has received the best care!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Touching Generations

Sunday, November 6, 2011 10:00 pm

Elizabeth and I truly enjoyed "letting our hair down," and going to the football game yesterday.  We watched a great game and the distraction was overdue.  It was nice to take a breath.

Morgan has stayed on a pretty consistent track for the past few days.  Without the steroids in her system, she is doing well.  We never expected that she would be able to maintain the wonderful settings she was on during those treatments, but she is still making us proud as she fights to get back there without the extra help. 

I was able to hold Morgan again today.  I was tired from the long day yesterday so the two of us curled up in the chair and dozed off, together.  It was very peaceful and an extremely special moment.  I enjoyed the moment so much that I still thought she was cute after her diaper had blown a tire and forced me to run home and change from one pink shirt to another. 

While Elizabeth and I, both, held Morgan today, her grandmother, Augusta, held her, too!  Besides her parents and caretakers, Augusta was able to finally feel how precious it is to hold this child.  It was wonderful to see the generations touching for the first time.  The moment was priceless and the picture will never be etched from my memory. 

We pray that Morgan will continue gaining strength.  She is growing noticeably, now.  Not to sound odd, but she is beginning to look like a baby.  She is an incredible sight.  In addition to growing, she was moaning and crying in my arms, which is good to hear that her lungs are allowing it.  We are hopeful that she can leave the C-PAP behind, very soon.  It will be a slow process to watch, as it already has been, but we can't wait for the day to come. 

Continue to pray for her loving nurses and doctors at UAB.  Each time we go visit, we meet a new staff member that has fallen in love with our daughter.  We are so thankful.

We are also thankful for all of you and your continued prayers. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Friday, November 4, 2011

Patient Paws

Saturday, November 5, 2011 1:00 am

Sweet Morgan had another uneventful day.  She continues to maintain her progress.  Neither up nor down, just resting peacefully. 

She is unable to say the same for her big sister, Wagg.  Her precious pooch has endured her first training session.  I forced the poor dog to sit at the steps and, at the call of Morgan's name, rush to the crib-side.  While she didn't seem to understand, at first, the dog of our dreams, quickly, picked up on the fact that if she went to a certain spot, there was a treat in her future.  This wonder dog has no idea what lies ahead of her, yet we all understand that she will soon be the best big sister anyone could have...just look at those eyes.  Our Morgan will be in good paws...Wagg is patiently awaiting her arrival at are we...

We continue to stay prayerfully hopeful that Morgan will be home soon to give Wagg fits!  This Boykin Spaniel will, absolutely, be Morgan's best friend.  We are so anxious to see the two of them get to know each other and fall in love.  Let it be known that Wagg sleeps with one of Morgan's blankets, from the hospital, each night.  We can't wait for them to meet. 

Tomorrow, Elizabeth and I are going to take  break...  We will retreat to Tuscaloosa to see #1 LSU play #2 Alabama, in the "Game of the Century."  It will be nice for us to breathe.  While our minds and hearts will remain in Birmingham, with Morgan, we will attempt a chance at "normalcy,"...whatever that is...

Thank you all for your prayers.  Morgan and her team of caretakers are so appreciative, as are her parents, and her dog (not to make light of the subject).  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fight On, Wiggly Warrior!

Thursday, November 3, 2011 11:00 pm

Morgan would like to, first, wish her grandmother happy birthday!  She doesn't know what she's going to call her yet, so we'll all just say, "Happy Birthday, Augusta!"

My precious Morgan had another uneventful day.  She continues to rest calmly with no real action.  She had a new nurse this evening that referred to her as, "fiesty."  Well, hang on sweet nurse, you're just getting to know her!  She was wiggly, pulled her feeding tube out and acted up when her nurse tried to take her temperature.  Sounds like my girl and everything is just fine!

Today was her last day of weaning off of her steroids.  Her settings went up a little, but we are hopeful that she will calm down and come off of the elevated support very soon.  Elizabeth and I agreed that she appeared a little "puffy" tonight and this would be a result of some fluid building up, but the medical attendants are on top of it and will keep their watchful eyes on her growing body.  Being November, Morgan has provided me the excuse of saying that I am, simply, "temporarily puffy," after a large meal on a certain Thursday.  I encourage you all to take after Morgan and me using the same excuse that day!

Morgan has put together a string of very successful days.  We are timid to believe that this will continue, as we realize she is still fighting a great battle.  She may come through with flying colors and never hit a speed bump, but it feels like the speed bumps are inevitable.  We are holding our breath, constantly praying and cheering for our daughter from the top of every mountain. 

Please continue praying for our daughter and for those taking care of her and making decisions.  We continue to make this request, knowing that any of our attempts to repay any of you will be futile.  Morgan received 16 beautiful emails today from her "fan club."  We are gracious and encourage more!  Simply put, we thank you, all, from the bottom of our undeserving hearts.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Comfortable and Testy

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 10:30 pm

Morgan had a pretty quiet day today.  Not much action, but she seems extremely comfortable.  She remains testy, which lets us know she is feeling alright.  She pulled the C-PAP prongs out of her nose four times tonight, just to keep her sweet nurse on her toes.

As we progress, we will soon be looking at Morgan's other organs.  This is good news, yet we will be deep in prayer for this process and will also continue to pray for her lungs, as the will remain critical for a very long time.

Since this is a brief update, I will take this opportunity to give you all an opportunity to send sweet Morgan a message.  I set up an email address for her tonight.  The address is  Feel free to send her a message that she will so appreciate as she grows up.  She is our miracle and will always continue to be. 

We thank all of you for continuing to keep up with our daughter's progress.  Thank you also for praying for the UAB staff as they are taking such wonderful care of her.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who's the Boss?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 10:45 pm

Yesterday's post seemed to create quite a stir!  It generated 70 hits on the blog, and I will claim, at least, 68 of them!  I "clicked" on the link all day long!  That li'l pum'kin has me reeling for another crop!  I am so anxious to see how next year's plant keeps getting better and better!  If you can't tell, I'm so happy for the magic she places in my soul.

As usual, Morgan showed us who was boss.  After the trick or treating extravaganza, she decided that it was time to take back control.  She had a fluctuating night of good and not so good, just as if she were already four years old, on a sugar high on the eve of November.

We are in the process of switching from one "Attending" physicain to another.  As the transitional doctor takes the reigns, he will have to learn Morgan's preferences, and, as we have learned, she's as slow as a snail's pace.  She wants to get better and she has proven that.  However, the transitional doctor will, soon, learn who's boss...and it's surely not us. 

The new doctor came in and read the charts, but, obviously, not this blog.  He entered with a vengence and had great hopes of Morgan's ability from her very recent, wonderful days.  However, Morgan fought back and did not desire his request(s).  She proved that she will work at her pace and her's alone.  All of that said, she quickly returned to the C-PAP, ventilator settings she was comfortable with. 

This is our first "doctor transition" at UAB and sweet Morgan (and her parents), are having to adjust to the customary procedures.  As anxious as we are for our daughter, we will never lack confidence in those charged with her care.  We are adjusting, as they are.  The transition has been frustrating, yet enlightening.  We, and her daily caretakers, already understand her tolerances, yet all missions remain in sync.  We all desire precious Morgan to thrive. 

While this sweet child translates her wishes to the new "Attending," we are so hopeful for progress.  The transitional doctor, between "Attendings," happens to be the same Neonatologist that we met with while precious Morgan was still at St. Vincent's.  While we were, simply, gaining more knowledge of the subject at hand, we never intended to realize that this man would, soon, be treating our daughter.  That said, we have learned, between now and then, that this guy is the "rock star" of Neonatologists.  Do NOT get me wrong, as he entered with a vengence and Morgan has not responded (yet), we are terribly confident.  This man is the same, comforting factor that breathed more confidence into Elizabeth and me than our daughter's lungs could ever hold. 

During this transition, please pray for patience.  Pray that our resiliant Morgan will handle the aggression and respond accordingly.  I have never minded an aggressive approach and I am anxious to watch my precious daughter respond accordingly.  We are in a state that requires great patience and we are hopeful that our daughter will exceed all expectations very soon.  I am the least patient of all of us, as I truly wish to have her in my arms, with no other requirement than rocking her back and forth, nightly, in her own room.

To conclude, please pray for Morgan, first and foremost, then pray for all of those at UAB charged with her precious care, than pray for her parents as learn the "new normal" among our journey.  Transition is tough, yet confidence and endurance remain constant.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, From Our Little Pumpkin

Monday, October 31, 2011 9:30 pm

Happy Halloween!  We said there was more to come...and here it is.  A couple of weeks back, Elizabeth and I made a trip to Build-A-Bear with a very special project in find Morgan a Halloween costume!

We pined over the various offerings and decided on the perfect one for her.  As she continues to do so well, from a medical standpoint, we could think of nothing more fun than to dress her up tonight.  It felt like every nurse in the UAB NICU came to see our precious daughter show off.  We were so proud and now we can share it with you here.

When we first got her in costume, she was a little upset, since this was the first time she had been completely SWALLOWED by a piece of clothing.  There are arm-holes, but her arms are too short to reach too far out and you can tell by her toothpick legs how large the costume was on her...

After a quick tantrum, she quickly calmed down and settled in:

Her mother had picked the best pumpkin in the patch (look at that little leg sticking adorable)!

After the small commotion, Morgan began to look a bit tired...

We appeased her by giving her the beloved pacifier that is a constant in her incubator...

And after all of the tricks had been played, her daddy received the biggest treat of the day!

We hope that you all have had as much fun looking at these pictures as we had spending these special moments with our daughter.  Thank you all for continuing to pray for Morgan and her sweet team of loving caretakers at UAB.  As I stated, she is continuing to do so well and we are beyond thankful.  We love these kind of updates and we look forward to many more, just like it, very soon!

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Quick Update, with More Later Today

Monday, October 31, 2011 10:30 am

Happy Halloween!  Just a quick update on Morgan, with more to come later...

Morgan continues to do very well.  She is still on the C-PAP and tolerating the changes to her settings, which are being ordered by the doctors.  Her feedings continue to go well and she is gaining weight.  We are so pleased. 

Seth and I got to hold her for several hours yesterday.  The world stood still.  We cherish these moments and can hardly wait to bring her home!

Thank you for keeping up with Morgan.  We are so thankful for your prayers and support!


Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hanging Tight!

Friday, October 28, 2011  9:15pm

Morgan has had a very good day!  She is resting, eating and pulling a few stunts!   Truly, there is not much to report today! Yea!

The doctor is very pleased with Morgan's progress.  He plans to wean her very slowly from the C-PAP in order not to cause too much stress on her little body.  That is fine by us!  As he explained, Morgan's lungs can continue to grow without stress if she stays on the C-PAP longer.  Essentially, the C-PAP will assist, very little, in breathing, yet prevent her from causing undo stress on her critical and healing lungs.  We continue to pray for her lungs as they grow new tissue and grow stronger!

Her feedings continue to go well. She is tolerating the milk.  Not only is her digestive system working properly, but the calories and nutrition are her biggest ally! This is great news, and an answer to prayer. 

Tonight I held her for a little over an hour.  I always look forward to these moments.  Holding her in our arms and against our chest is so good for our souls!  I could hold her all night long.  When it was time to put her back in her bed, I turned her towards me and we looked deeply in each others eyes.  The moment is indescribable!  I wanted to tuck her in my coat and run out the door! 

She was so upset that prongs were in her nose during the time I was holding her that she slightly moved her head and they came out. I couldn't see her face, so I didn't know.  There was no reason to worry because her rates were perfect and she was breathing on her own.  After several of her fits and attempts to put the prongs back in, the nurse decided to put an oxygen mask at her nose and remove the prongs while I held her.  Morgan breathed on her on in my arms for over 45 minutes.  This is wonderfully encouraging news.  The nurse even pointed out what a great job she did and that it was a great sign for her as she weans in the future. 

Each day her voice gets stronger and louder. She moans and grunts when she wiggles.  She is beginning to cry when hungry or when she is upset.  I never thought that the sound of a baby crying was precious!  I am wrong... today!  I love hearing her noises!  I am sure the day will come when I will beg her to quit crying!  For now, it is music to my ears!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Morgan. Please pray for her lungs development and healing, her digestive system and nutrition, and the overall growth and development of her entire body!  Please keep the caregivers in your prayers, too.  Those who take care of little babies, like Morgan, have a very special gift and calling! 

With deepest gratitude for your love and support,
Elizabeth and Seth McCoin