Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Girl

Thursday, April 26, 2012  10:00pm
Morgan has been a very good girl! The last two days Morgan has held her course. She has tolerated the weaning from the nitric oxide and her other medicines extremely well.   She continues to battle her glucose, but we are confident it is directly related to her medicines.  We are pleased she has been able to progress and hope that is indicative of the future. 

Splish splash, Morgan got a bath today!  I love the baby shampoo and lotion smell on a clean baby! She was happier to be clean!  She loves to bathe, most of the time.  I can picture her at in her tub at home with lots of toys and water everywhere!  Lord, help me!

Besides a bath, Morgan has played, watched her Baby Einstein, had tummy time and slept.  Since the recent setback, Morgan has gotten lazy and stiff.  I spent some time working with her muscles and encouraging her.  All of this is very normal given what she has been through. 

Please continue to keep Morgan in your prayers.  Prayers for healing of her lungs, for her development, for her glucose levels, for her overall health and for caregivers. We are so blessed by you, your faithfulness and prayers.  Thanks for loving our daughter, too!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chunky Monkey

Tuesday, April 24, 2012  9:00pm

Morgan's day has been uneventful. Overall, there truly is not much to report tonight. Her medical condidtion is essentially the same.  They are monitoring her glucose levels closely. She is doing well with her oxygen and seems to be on the mend from her infection. 

Morgan has played and slept today.  She has been watching her Baby Einstein dvds intently, too. 

We continue to ask for your prayers about Morgan's glucose levels.  Her little body needs to be able to manage this on its own.  I specifically asked if this was a path to diabetes in the future, and the doctor assured me it was not.  He said it was a direct side effect of her medicines.  As the doctor begins to wean this particular medicine, her glucose levels should improve.

Please pray for Morgan's overall lung healing. We want her to continue to get stronger and avoid future setbacks.  She is a little miracle, and we know it.

Morgan weighs 10 poiunds 4 ounces today.  She is a chunky monkey... the cutest one I have ever seen! 

Thanks again for all your love and support!  We appreciate you more than you know!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sleeping in Class

Monday, April 23, 2012

A very sincere and heart-felt thanks for the prayers and support of me and my family over the past week!  What a week it has been!  Bet was a true definition of a lady and she will be missed.  Our loss is her gain!  Heaven is a wonderful place!   I know she was overjoyed to see her beloved Pop and Houston ran into her arms! 

Morgan has progressed throughout the week.  Since her hiccup weekend before last, she has slowly gotten better.  She is still recovering, but she is on the right road.  Each day her little lungs get better.  We are thankful that she had several months of lung growth to help her weather this infection and virus. 

Currently, this is Morgan’s medical update.  She is on high flow nasal cannula.  She has tolerated it very well since last Wednesday.  When they put her on the nasal cannula, she went directly to a low liter flow, close to what she was on prior to the ventilator.  The doctor has decided to only wean her liter flow at this time and leave her oxygen concentration requirement at 100%.  If Morgan has to come home on oxygen, we will not be able to adjust oxygen concentration requirement, therefore it makes sense to only worry about the liter flow.  Her liter flow will have to go down before she can come home. 

Her feedings had been suspended due to the ventilator, but she is back on full feeds every three hours.  That girl loves to eat and knew she was not getting fed.  She would smack her lips and cry out for food.  Her pacifier would solve the temporary need to suck, but she would quickly realize there wasn’t any milk coming out of it. 

Morgan’s glucose has been fluctuating for the past few days.  In order to correct it, she is being given insulin when needed.  The elevated glucose levels are believed to be a direct result of one of her iv medications that she was on last week.  That medicine has been changed to an oral medication, so it is believed the glucose levels will begin to stabilize. 

Morgan is often engaged in her surroundings and looks around with her big, brown eyes.  She loves to watch her animal friends on the mobile and the lights on the play mat.  I had a brainstorm to get some Baby Einstein dvds to engage her further.   She seems to like it, especially when the screen changes colors or pictures.  Her eyes grow with excitement as she looks at the screen.  Morgan is learning and I know she is a baby genius!   However, our little prodigy fell asleep in class!  She was watching the dvd one minute and the next she was sound asleep…. That apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Please continue to pray for Morgan’s lung healing and growth.  We pray against future infections and virus.  Also, please pray that her glucose levels begin to stabilize.  Seth and I also request prayers for her overall development.  Please remember all of her care givers in your prayers, as well!

Many thanks for all the support you give to the McCoin family!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Bracelet

Morgan continues to improve-praise God! She is now on the nasal cannula and is slowly gaining her strength back. Elizabeth shared with me that she is returning to her "feisty" self. Morgan is definitely a fighter! Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

The Hassinger family continues to grieve the loss of Mrs. Hassinger's mom (AKA "Bet"). I know the family covets your prayers during this difficult time. Although Elizabeth's grandmother wasn't really aware of Morgan's situation, she wanted Morgan to know about Bet going to be with Jesus. While at the hospital today, Elizabeth gave Morgan a "Pray for Morgan" pink bracelet, which she held onto very tightly. After finally prying it from her tiny fingers, Elizabeth passed it on to her dad, who will put it in Bet's coffin. What a beautiful picture of the passing from this world to Eternity...wanting to hold on to what is dear but knowing what's on the other side is so much better!

Jenny Gammill (Friend of Elizabeth's)

Prayers for Elizabeth

I am asking you all to pray for Elizabeth.  Her grandmother passed away this morning.  She's holding up and staying strong.  Morgan is chipping in and helping her mom by having had a good night last night and doing well so far today.  Thanks to all of you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello C-PAP

Tuesday, April 17, 2012  9:15pm
Morgan is on C-PAP!  Yay!  Praise, God!  Let me shout that again, Morgan is on C-PAP! 

Morgan had a very good night and settings on the ventilator were very low.    As a result, when the doctor arrived, he decided to move Morgan to the C-PAP.  Her little lungs have tolerated it well.  She seems to be much more alert and feel much better.   I am sure some of that is due to the medicines working and the other part is due the tube being out of her throat! 

Morgan hates the C-PAP and the prongs in her nose.  Since her last stint on the C-PAP, the respiratory team has gotten new contraptions to hold the prongs in the baby's nose.  Morgan likes this head gear much better.   She seems not to fight the C-PAP as much! The nurses like it better, too, because our little Houdini cannot get the prongs out her nose! 

With this new headgear, Morgan is able to resume some of her activities.  She has spent time in her swing and sitting up in her boppy!  She is mobile again, and I know she is very glad!  She doesn’t stay in one position long! 

We did learn today what the bacteria is that got into Morgan’s lungs.  With this knowledge, the doctor can now treat her with specific antibiotics to treat the infection.  I am sure that will help Morgan feel better more quickly, as well.    We also did another test to try to determine if Morgan has a virus or not.

We thank you for your continued prayers for our family.  Morgan will hopefully continue to improve and move back to the nasal cannula soon.  Please continue to pray for her healing as her little body fights off the infection and virus.

Thanks for everything!
Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, April 16, 2012

Only One Morgan

Monday, April 16, 2012  8:40pm

Our little Morgan continues to be on the ventilator tonight.  While we prefer her to have that tube out of her throat, we know that she needs the assistance.  Overall, given her condition,  Morgan has had a good day.  Morgan's body has been responding to the help and the doctor has been able to wean Morgan's vent settings.  That is very encouraging. We are hopeful she will continue on this course throughout the night.  They will obviously work at her pace, yet, work to get her off the ventilator as soon as possible.

Seth and I got to meet with Morgan's primary care team today and discuss her condition and plans going forward.  We are very comfortable with the doctor's plan and know he is on top of her condition.   He is very patient, answers our questions, and keeps us informed. 

The doctor is confident Morgan has a virus and an infection.  At this time, we do not know what the virus is nor what the bacteria that caused the infection may be.  We do know that one of the cultures has come back positive, so we can give her more specific antibiotics that can treat the infection.  The virus will have to run its course.  The doctor seems to think the virus is probably the common cold.

This episode reminds all of us how sensitive and reactive Morgan's lungs really are.  Any little virus or infection can cause a major set back.    Morgan lungs continue to grow and heal, yet they are still very fragile. 

As Seth mentioned last night, those who take care of her are remarkable.    Today, there was another cast of nurses, doctors, therapist and administrators visiting her and encouraging her.  This morning, Morgan's weekend news spread like wildfire.  Everyone wants to wish her the best, pray for her and see her back up and at 'em!   While there are, ironically, several Morgan's on the unit, there is ONLY ONE MORGAN.   She goes by her first name, not her last. - Morgan, not baby McCoin.  The entire unit knows her and wants her to do well.  We are blessed with such caring people.

At this time, we pray for Morgan to rest, her lungs to heal, the antibiotics to work and her overall healing.  We pray this set back will not keep her down long and that she will bounce back rather quickly! 

To all of you, thank you for your prayers, love, emails, texts, voice mails and support.  Thank you to each of you have taken a time slot on Morgan's prayer calendar.  We are humbled!

Seth, one more day!  I know you are glad tax day will here tomorrow and tax season 2012 will be in the books!  You made it!  Morgan and I love you and thank you for all you do! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stint on the Vent

Sunday, April 15, 2012  10:10 pm

As Keely's earlier update implied, Morgan has had a hell of a past two days.  Yesterday morning, her fever spiked, she returned to the C-PAP (to no avail), then was treated with Nitric Oxide with the grand finale of being intubated and placed on the ventilator this afternoon.  Whew!  That's a-whole-lot of big things to happen to such a little girl.  To understate all that has happened, this is a setback.

We are not exactly sure what has caused all of this. She has been treated by two different doctors with two different opinions. The doctor that sees Morgan most often will return to the hospital tomorrow and we are eager to hear his stance. During her intubation procedure, there was a collection of cultures that have been sent to the lab to help us figure it all out. As is the case with most cultures, we will not receive those results for three to four days.

As we were with her this evening, she seemed to be resting well.  There is some medicine involved that is allowing her to calm down and be still.  Otherwise, her arms would still be waving like she was standing on a pedestal in an orchestra pit on Broadway.  When she opened her eyes tonight, she would look deeply at me as if to say, "Thank you, I needed this rest."  The medicine and machine are taking over and allowing her, what seems to be, a much needed break.  She has found her eddy and we expect her to begin paddling, again, in time.  We are not sure how long she will need to recover from all of this, nor do we know how far of a setback this truly is.  We are just happy to see her resting peacefully for the moment. 

While I've mentioned medicine, machines and labs, I would be wrong to not mention the nurses who are the genuine assets of UAB's NICU.  There were times over the past two days that required multiple bodies, minds and hands to care for Morgan.  A loving individual was never far.  They lingered nearby in the hallway, waiting for their call to service.  Sitting back and watching them was so special.  Each time one of their hands touched Morgan's skin, they were poking and prodding her little body for the benefit of her health.  However their eyes and facial expressions were so loving that I their hearts were amazingly visible.  At times her room was so full of caring nurses that there was little room to maneuver.  I have told many people that I do not understand how these wonderful individuals are able to do their jobs day in and day out.  It requires a brilliant mind, but also an incredible heart for service.  We are so thankful that they care for our Morgan in every facet.  We are lucky to be where we are and we are grateful for those around us. 

Further, we extend our thanks to all of you.  Thank you for your prayers, calls, texts, etc.  We are surrounded by wonderful people who we could never repay.  Thank you for loving us and our precious little Miracle Morgan.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

PS, I don't think Morgan is going to be an accountant...she already hates April 15...

please pray

Morgan has had a rough weekend. Her oxygen dependency increased slowly over the week, then she spiked a really high fever yesterday. She returned to the CPAP machine yesterday, but her lungs did not respond in the way we had hoped, so doctors decided to give her some nitric oxide. That brought her oxygen saturation levels up for a little while, but this morning they decided she needed to return to the ventilator.

Would you please pray for our little girl?

They are assuming it might be a virus (one is circulating the hospital now), but we don't have the labs back.

keely (for Elizabeth and Seth)

The prayer calendar has been updated for the next few days, and it is open to all. If you'd like to join us in praying for Morgan at a specific time, please click below and fill your name in.  Thank you!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy, Hungry, Fussy, and Not Sleepy!

Friday, April 13, 2012  2:00pm

Happy Friday!  Our little Morgan continues down the same track she has been on for several days now.  She has been happy, hungry, fussy and not sleepy! 

Morgan loves to eat from a bottle!  And, I mean LOVES it!  She cries when the bottle is empty.   Bless her heart; she takes after her parents who do not like to miss a meal!  She is eating from a bottle twice a day now.  At last weigh-in, she weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces. 

Morgan continues to tolerate the oxygen wean that was done on Tuesday.  However, I believe this wean was harder for to tolerate than previous weans. She has fluctuated more on her oxygen this week, even, at times, borderline needing her liters turned back up.  Some of that is due to fussiness and some of that is due to her lungs having to work harder.  As a result, the doctor is not going to wean the medicines for a few days to try to give her lungs a chance to recover and adapt.  If anything, they will give a medicine back to see if helps.  We do not want to change too much too fast and go backwards.  Remember, baby steps.

As you remember Morgan in your prayers, please pray specifically for lungs to adapt to this new oxygen level.  Please also pray for her growth, development, healing, eating, and rest!  Morgan needs a few nights of good, good rest.  Sleep also allows her lungs to grow new tissue. 

I ask for prayers for Seth.  He is in the home stretch of tax season.  Tuesday is in sight!  He is beyond exhausted and running adrenaline.  Seth is working long hours and sleeping few hours. 

Thank you for your love and support for us all!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fussy Baby

Wednesday, April 11, 2012  9:15pm
Morgan has a pretty good day.  She did not rest well last night so she has been quite fussy today.  Morgan will take little cat naps.  She tricks her nurses into thinking she is sound asleep but then she pops those big brown eyes wide open and looks around.  I think she thinks it is a game.  As a result of her fussiness, her oxygen has fluctuated today.  When she gets mad, her dependency increases.  When she is calm, her dependency can decrease.  We are prayerful she can get a good night's sleep and rest well tonight.  We need her to relax and adjust to the new oxygen liter level. 

Despite her fussiness, Morgan did eat from the bottle TWICE today!  That is right, twice!  She loves eating and was so happy to have the bottle. 

Please continue to pray for Morgan's lungs, her feedings, her toleration of the new oxygen liter level, her development and her care team.  We are humbled  by your willingness to lift our daughter up in prayer.  We know she is a true miracle from above! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hog Heaven

Tuesday, April 10, 2012  9:15pm
Shhhhhh…. Don’t tell Morgan but the doctor turned her liter flow down today.  While her oxygen requirement is still higher than in weeks past, the doctor wanted to try to encourage Morgan.  If she is not able to keep her saturation levels high enough, then they will have to turn her liters back up and wait another week before weaning again.  So far, she has done well on this new level, so we are prayerful it can continue. 

Morgan’s latest weight is 9 pounds 11 ounces.  Our little chunky monkey continues to grow at an appropriate pace. 

She continues to eat from a bottle.  I got to feed her again today and she did so well.  She ate like a champ and was hungry for more.  So, as a little treat, I gave Morgan a few tastes of squash.  She loved it!  She was grunting for more.  Her eyes lit up in delight!   She managed to get squash everywhere… on her face, hands, outfit and bed!  She didn’t care because she was in hog heaven!  To date, Morgan has had peas, sweet potatoes, and squash.  She has loved each one. 

Please pray for her lung strength as she continues to grow.  She is moving in the right direction and we want her to keep on track.  She is such a big girl and doing so well!  We continue to ask for prayers for her as she continues to learn to eat from a bottle and do so more often.  Pray also for her lung healing and growth, as well as, Morgan’s overall development.  Remember the nurses and doctors who take care of our little princess. 

Thanks for all your support, prayers and love!  We appreciate each one of you!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy, Belated, Easter

Monday, April 09, 2012  8:30pm

Morgan hopes everyone had a wonderful Easter Celebration!  She wanted to wish all a Happy, Belated, Easter.  We had a fun afternoon of picutre taking and watching the Masters together!  Here are two pictures of our family from yesterday afternoon!

According to a therapist, Morgan is still the star patient!  She continues to do well with her physical and speech therapies.  Both therapist are extremely pleased with her progress and are hopeful she will continue to improve.  The physical therapist continues to work with Morgan’s stiffness, range of motion, and overall posture.  The speech therapist works with Morgan on taking the bottle and organizing herself so she can eat and breathe during feedings.  Since last Thursday, Morgan has taken a bottle once a day.  She is very eager to eat and often gets mad when you stop to burb her or when the bottle is empty.  If all goes well, they will begin to give her two bottles a day this week! 

Morgan continues to do very well.  Today, she is a little up on the oxygen requirement, but the doctor is not alarmed.  It is likely that she just needs a little more help for the moment and then she can be weaned back down.  The oxygen fluctuations are not uncommon.  It does not change their care plan for Morgan.  It merely means she is a little more help.  As of now, it is not considered a setback.  I mention it so that you can continue to help us pray for her lung development and their healing.  We want her overall oxygen dependency to go down and her lungs to strengthen. 

Seth and I are thankful for your continued prayers, words of encouragement, and overall support for all three of us!  This certainly is not the joureny we had ever dreamed we would be on, but it is made easier by your love and support!  Thank you. 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy Bee

Thursday, April 05, 2012  7:45pm

Morgan has had a very busy day.  After sleep until 6:30am this morning, she has had a lot going on. 

Since mid-day yesterday, Morgan has been battling an on-again, off-again fever.   She is not showing any symptoms of being sick or feeling bad. Morgan’s blood work is normal.  At this time, the doctor is just chalking it to a side effect of her lung condition.

Physical therapy came to work with Morgan just before lunch.  He muscles were stretched and massaged and the tension was released.  Morgan seemed to enjoy it.  In fact, she almost went to sleep when the PT was working with her.  At one point, Morgan was laying on her side with her arm underneath her.  Her fingers and hand were wrapped around her chin as if she was thinking….. may be daydreaming about a long afternoon nap.

During her afternoon feeding, speech therapy came to give Morgan a bottle.  The ST was very, very pleased and encouraged with Morgan's ability today.  Morgan was very interested in eating and was hungry.  When the bottle was placed to her mouth her eyes would get as big as saucers in anticipation.  While she will have to learn to collect herself better, today was the best day feeding she has ever had.  She didn't have any breathing problems or gaging issues.  Go Morgan! 
Morgan got her t-dap shot today.  This shot is thick and can be painful.  It also has the potential to cause Morgan to feel lousy.  While it is important for her to get this shot, it is a little nerve racking.  She is doing so well, and I do not want the shot to set her back!  Please pray that she will take like a big girl and that it will not cause a set back. 

We continue to be thankful for Morgan's recent progress.  We pray for continued healing of her lungs, against infections or setbacks, for her feedings, her overall health and her caregivers.  Thank you for joining us in these prayers!  

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Early Bird

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Our little early bird got up early this morning!  Morgan woke up before 6:00am ready to play.  Her sweet nurse decided Morgan needed to stroll around the unit.  Morgan visited with all her friends and learned about her colors, as each hall is a different color.  She was content and happy.  Her nurse said she really enjoyed her early morning stroll!

Otherwise, Morgan is holding her course.  She looks around, swings her arms and kicks her legs.  She often looks like she is conducting an orchestra.  Morgan listens to music throughout the day, so I wonder if she will have a musical talent…. Her parents certainly do not! 

Our prayer requests remain the same as yesterday.  Thank you for your continued love and support! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Up Early and Ready to Play

Tuesday, April 03, 2012  8:35pm

Morgan's day has been very active.  After sleeping all night, she woke at 6:15am this morning ready to play!  She has been playful and awake most of the day!  While she has taken a few short naps, she is much more interested in what is going on around her. 

Since Saturday, rice cereal has been added to Morgan’s formula.  Over the past few weeks, Morgan was spitting up some of her formula. The thicker formula helps with reflux, aspirations and digestion.  She seems to feel better and the rice cereal is helping!  She has only had one clothes-change-worthy spit up since Saturday. 

Today was a big wean day for Morgan!  Her oxygen dependency was reduced!  As has been the weekly plan, the doctor reduced her liter flow.  So far she seems to be tolerating it!  We pray it will continue!!

Also, the doctor is going to talk to the speech therapist about beginning to prepare Morgan for bottle feeding again.   I am not sure the plan, but I am excited at the possibility of her bottle feeding!  If she can get this under control, it will be a big step towards coming home!  We are prayerful that she will collect herself and remember how to suck and swallow.   We know that if this process moves too quickly, or if she aspirates, then there is great risk it will affect her breathing and oxygen dependency.   We pray that these things will not happen.  It is likely the team will do another swallow study, as she begins this process again, to see how maturity, age, and development have helped her swallowing and to see if she is aspirating.   We will keep you posted on this.  Please pray in advance that she will do well while eating from the bottle and that she will not have respiratory setbacks. 

The doctor is going to look into getting Morgan a hearing test.  While we believe she can hear us, it will be nice to know if there are or are not any issues.  I was glad to hear that this would happen.  To me, checking her hearing is another one of her senses that we can test and know what the exact status may be.  Again, I will keep you posted.  I have no idea when this test will take place.   

Please remember to pray for those taking care of Morgan, too!  They are wonderful, gifted and nurturing people who love our daughter and want to see her get well.  These people also take great care of Seth and me, too. 

As always, thank you for your love, prayers and support! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Bunny

Monday, April 2, 2012  8:30pm

Morgan continues to hold the course!  The doctor continues the slow weaning process on her oxygen and various medications.  She has tolerated all of it very well!  Praise the Lord!  In the past, often Morgan would have withdrawals from the medications and they would have to go back up on her dose.  We are thankful she seems to be responding very well to the slow wean process.  She is making great progress! 

Her primary doctor has been off for several weeks.  His partner has been treating Morgan in his absence.  Upon his return today, the team told him he was going to be so impressed with progress the “Star Princess” had made!  He certainly was encouraged!

Yesterday, our Morgan looked like the Easter Bunny!   Morgan was given bunny ears from a cousin.  The nurse and I had a bright idea….  Let’s add whiskers and pink nose!  Our little bunny was SO STINKIN’ CUTE all dressed up!  She looked adorable!  She tolerated us dressing her up, in fact, when we were trying to take her picture, she fell asleep! 

In addition to her lung growth and development, our biggest prayer request is continue on the healthy path she has been on.  We pray her body continues to respond the way it has been over the past few weeks and pray against infections.  The combination of these things has Morgan on a positive track forward and ultimately home! 

Thank you for all you love, prayers, support and emails!  We are thankful for each one of you!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin