Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, From Our Little Pumpkin

Monday, October 31, 2011 9:30 pm

Happy Halloween!  We said there was more to come...and here it is.  A couple of weeks back, Elizabeth and I made a trip to Build-A-Bear with a very special project in find Morgan a Halloween costume!

We pined over the various offerings and decided on the perfect one for her.  As she continues to do so well, from a medical standpoint, we could think of nothing more fun than to dress her up tonight.  It felt like every nurse in the UAB NICU came to see our precious daughter show off.  We were so proud and now we can share it with you here.

When we first got her in costume, she was a little upset, since this was the first time she had been completely SWALLOWED by a piece of clothing.  There are arm-holes, but her arms are too short to reach too far out and you can tell by her toothpick legs how large the costume was on her...

After a quick tantrum, she quickly calmed down and settled in:

Her mother had picked the best pumpkin in the patch (look at that little leg sticking adorable)!

After the small commotion, Morgan began to look a bit tired...

We appeased her by giving her the beloved pacifier that is a constant in her incubator...

And after all of the tricks had been played, her daddy received the biggest treat of the day!

We hope that you all have had as much fun looking at these pictures as we had spending these special moments with our daughter.  Thank you all for continuing to pray for Morgan and her sweet team of loving caretakers at UAB.  As I stated, she is continuing to do so well and we are beyond thankful.  We love these kind of updates and we look forward to many more, just like it, very soon!

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Quick Update, with More Later Today

Monday, October 31, 2011 10:30 am

Happy Halloween!  Just a quick update on Morgan, with more to come later...

Morgan continues to do very well.  She is still on the C-PAP and tolerating the changes to her settings, which are being ordered by the doctors.  Her feedings continue to go well and she is gaining weight.  We are so pleased. 

Seth and I got to hold her for several hours yesterday.  The world stood still.  We cherish these moments and can hardly wait to bring her home!

Thank you for keeping up with Morgan.  We are so thankful for your prayers and support!


Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hanging Tight!

Friday, October 28, 2011  9:15pm

Morgan has had a very good day!  She is resting, eating and pulling a few stunts!   Truly, there is not much to report today! Yea!

The doctor is very pleased with Morgan's progress.  He plans to wean her very slowly from the C-PAP in order not to cause too much stress on her little body.  That is fine by us!  As he explained, Morgan's lungs can continue to grow without stress if she stays on the C-PAP longer.  Essentially, the C-PAP will assist, very little, in breathing, yet prevent her from causing undo stress on her critical and healing lungs.  We continue to pray for her lungs as they grow new tissue and grow stronger!

Her feedings continue to go well. She is tolerating the milk.  Not only is her digestive system working properly, but the calories and nutrition are her biggest ally! This is great news, and an answer to prayer. 

Tonight I held her for a little over an hour.  I always look forward to these moments.  Holding her in our arms and against our chest is so good for our souls!  I could hold her all night long.  When it was time to put her back in her bed, I turned her towards me and we looked deeply in each others eyes.  The moment is indescribable!  I wanted to tuck her in my coat and run out the door! 

She was so upset that prongs were in her nose during the time I was holding her that she slightly moved her head and they came out. I couldn't see her face, so I didn't know.  There was no reason to worry because her rates were perfect and she was breathing on her own.  After several of her fits and attempts to put the prongs back in, the nurse decided to put an oxygen mask at her nose and remove the prongs while I held her.  Morgan breathed on her on in my arms for over 45 minutes.  This is wonderfully encouraging news.  The nurse even pointed out what a great job she did and that it was a great sign for her as she weans in the future. 

Each day her voice gets stronger and louder. She moans and grunts when she wiggles.  She is beginning to cry when hungry or when she is upset.  I never thought that the sound of a baby crying was precious!  I am wrong... today!  I love hearing her noises!  I am sure the day will come when I will beg her to quit crying!  For now, it is music to my ears!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Morgan. Please pray for her lungs development and healing, her digestive system and nutrition, and the overall growth and development of her entire body!  Please keep the caregivers in your prayers, too.  Those who take care of little babies, like Morgan, have a very special gift and calling! 

With deepest gratitude for your love and support,
Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Drum Roll...Please...

Thursday, October 27, 2011 10:45 pm

Okay, folks, we have a very special treat for all of you...but you'll have to wait until the end...

We are so pleased with Morgan's progress and even her doctor had a smile on his face as large and bright as ours.

Morgan has done so well on the C-PAP! All of her settings are so exciting and we are encouraged that her lungs will be able to gain much needed growth. Part of our learning experience has been that a ventilator does so much damage to lungs and does not allow lungs to grow in a healthy way due to the pressure forced into them. Now that she is no longer needing the ventilator, the C-PAP allows her lungs to take a break and relax. We are so thankful for the progress, but realize that we are still years away from totally healthy lungs.

Part of her wonderful progress is weaning off of the nitric oxide. Her current settings are at 3% and we can decrease that by 1% each day. That said, Sunday will be the day we will test her to see how she sustains her breathing without it (fingers crossed).

Today, Morgan had an eye exam and we were very elated with the results. Her eyes are growing "normally" for her age. We were concerned because the high oxygen volume could have created retina problems due to the hyper growth of vessels in her eyes. Ol' Mo dodged a bullet and we are so thankful.

Our next major task, if she passes the "no nitric oxide exam," will be to teach Morgan how to eat. The concepts of sucking, swallowing, etc. are foreign to her at this point. We know that this will be tough on her, but the high-note is that we will have passed other major issues to get to that point. We pray that this new project can start sooner rather than later.

Our sweet daughter continues to be wiggly, testy and, sometimes, downright mad. This is our indicator that she is alert and understanding of her surroundings. If we could let each of you see how red her body gets and her forehead crinkle, you could absolutely see that she is telling what she wants, or what she doesn't want, for that matter. 

This leads me to your big surprise...did I mention that our daughter is alert? Take a look, for the first time (drum roll)'s your first peek at Sweet, Precious, Alert Morgan:

You have to love those eyes, those sweet lips that will kiss my cheeks for many years and those arms that simply can't stay still (even notice the hair product...she's already fashionable).  She is trying so hard to smile in this picture.  That little monkey has stolen every ounce of me and we can't wait to watch her grow up!  I'm usually a little more composed, but look at that picture!  She is adorable!  Who could say less?  Of course, all babies look like aliens, but this is MY alien. 

This is so special because this is the first time we have seen her without any medical supplies and/or equipment impeding her adorable face.  You can just see the position of her arms is like she is about to just throw them in the air and cheer!  She is doing  so well that she sustained no assistance during this time for about 15 minutes.  Seeing her like this was the first time I'd found the end of a rainbow.  This has to be the cutest pot of gold I have ever seen...think I'm biased?  Maybe a little... 

Please lift prayers of thanks for those who have helped our daughter progress so, so much.  Those at St. Vincent's and, now, at UAB will forever hold our debt.  Continue to pray for all of them.  Also pray that Morgan's little body will continue to grow big and strong. 

We look forward to cherishing many jeweled moments like this with our daughter and it will be impossible to not remember all of you and your prayers for her.  We thank you from our undeserving souls.  Thank you, thank you.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prodding Along

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 11:15 pm

Morgan had another fantastic day today. Everything seems to be going as planned. She is doing so well.

The UAB staff continues to wean Morgan off of the nitric oxide, which has proven to be such an amazing help to Morgan, along with her surgery. This is great news because it means that precious Morgan is healing. Further, she began to receive full feedings today. Her tummy is accepting her nurishment well, which is obviously crucial to her gaining weight and growing big and strong.

She received a bath today and Elizabeth was able to capture a ten-minute video of our princess on her phone. When she showed it to me, I was in shock. Morgan's face was completely visible. She maintained breathing without the C-PAP the entire time, although it was replaced after all of her moving around. I simply can not stop watching it over and over. She looked so good.

Please pray that she continues this amazing path. We are so grateful for each improvement. Also continue praying for the team at UAB that is helping her heal.

Let's hope that these posts can continue to be short, because that means she will still be doing GREAT!

On a final note, The Raiders won in a double-overtime thriller. Michael made a game-saving tackle, along with a great block to spring the game-winning touchdown, among other great plays. He will play in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Many thanks to all of you,

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Overwhelming moment...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 2:53 am

All of those seeking an update for our precious Morgan, please, scroll down, however, this writing is for Houston, who will always be a part of, what is, "Our Miracle Morgan."

Later today, I will be attending a football game between boys that are eight years old. My allegiance falls to, "The Raiders." The boy in mind is the second smallest player in his league, at a stout weight of 53 pounds. He plays every play of every game and he makes every movement with a force. He is an inspiration to all of us. He plays with fire and he means it.

I attended his first game with the notion that most of the kids playing on the field would shy away from the actual game and the physical attributes required, but this one child has stolen my heart and changed my perspective. Yes, he cries on the way to halftime if a bigger kid pushes him down, but he ALWAYS returns for the second half. He hits hard, he spits and he would cuss, if his parents would let him. He's a fighter, like Morgan, however, he pokes at my heart, more, for Houston. As I proceed, please keep in mind the Biblical reference that he provides for me, as our dear Houston did the same. This 53 pound monster has provided so much therapy for me that he, absolutely, deserves his credit due. I can't wait to see "Little Michael" take the field and, win or lose, simply make me smile.

The fight in this kid has reminded me so much of Houston's four days with us. Houston fought, scrapped and clawed for a second half he could never play. However, he provided an amazing lesson of hope and promise, in his defeat.

Excuse me for sharing an overwhelming story as Houston's father and I will, now, get to the point.

As you will see in Morgan's update, there is a referenced verse. I wanted to get it right, rather than relying upon memory. That said, I retreated from my downstairs office and made my way upstairs to retrieve my bible, from the bedside. Our dining room threshold could not be ten steps from my destination. In those steps, I was merely attempting to make sure that Morgan's bible reference was accurate, but as I crossed the threshold, Houston shot through me. I wondered if his gravestone should simply read his name and birth/death dates or if I should honor him with a reference from the fountain that sustains us.

As I entered our bedroom, I called for Elizabeth and asked her preference. I had no particular verse in mind, but wondered if we should choose one to place next to his name. If we chose to do so, I understood the magnitude and realized the importance, which applies pressure from the perspective of realizing that any verse, or reference, chosen for such a monument was permanent and never to be taken back.

Elizabeth retreated from her nightly proceedings to answer my call, "Elizabeth!" As she entered the room, I had already begun to open my bible before asking the question. As I, simply, asked if she would like a verse referenced on Houston's gravestone, the pages flopped open to a verse, already underlined. My curiosity forced my eyes upon a moment that will never be etched from my mind. While I was, initially, searching for James 1:12, the verse before me was Titus 2:2, which reads:

"Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and endurance." It was one of those moments that God, absolutely, took over. I will not be so repetitive as to re-portray my hopes and dreams for Houston, but I will tell you that I was completely floored by this moment.

As adults, we are able to learn so much from Houston and "Little Michael." While Michael is able to run and play a game so dear to my heart, Houston fought a battle, I or, none of us have known. It is an honor for me to hide my tears behind my sunglasses and watch Michael play a game My Houston never could...especially after this verse falling into my lap. It is absolute therapy.

Needless to say, Elizabeth and I are blessed and we are, both, finding ways to cope. With stories like this, how could anyone go wrong? We are constantly embraced and we feel so much love from all of those surrounding us, near and far.

I hope that this post is a simple reminder that if you keep your chin up and your head on a will find the most amazing moments where you least expect them. We are doing that ourselves and our greatest wish is to share that with you. Remember that the greatest treasures can come in a 500 pound package, a 53 pound package or a 2 pound, 1 ounce package (embellished with a precious 1 pound 5 ounce [Morgan] package).


Seth McCoin

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Addiction

Wednesday, October 26, 12:45 am

James 1:12 (NIV)

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him."

This reference is present on my father's gravestone. I am so proud that our Morgan is taking after her grandfather, Jerry McCoin, Sr. All of her actions are the spitting-image of the tall, lanky father I remember. She continues to "act up" in a hospital bed, she tells everyone around her what to do (without speaking), and she is, absolutely, running the show. To say that she is a pistol, after her grandfather's heart, is the broadest understatement this meager man could ever make. She is persevering, standing the test and earning a crown that outsizes her tiny body.

Our sweet Morgan continues to progress. If I were to sit here and explain every number, percentage and chart, let me say, you would find yourself in an abyss of boredom and drooling. May I, simply, say that, "Mo is rockin' out!" She is doing so well. It must be a direct result of her father printing t-shirts that read, "GO MO GO." We are so thankful for her progress and her willingness to improve. Her mother and I can hardly stand our excitement. She just seems to get better everyday. I have made my ritual to listen to the most inspiring symphonies as I write this blog because any I choose have become the song of sweet Morgan's story. Simply put, if it is an orchestrated, upbeat tune that you have in your rememberance, let it play in your heart as you read. My current selection is "Simple Gifts," as Morgan, truly, "fits the bill." I have become addicted to this moment each evening, but not as addicted to holding this precious gift in my arms, nor seeing her in her mother's arms.

As every Tuesday, we received another delicious meal from dear friends. We, again, shared a special moment with those who care so deeply for our daughter. After our happy indulgence, we made our trek to UAB. Down the street, up onto the Red Mountain Expressway, down the exit and into the parking lot as we grab, yet another, tax-deductible parking ticket (her father is an accountant, so just bear with me).

We entered the building, pranced onto the elevator and strolled down the hallway in glee, knowing of the wonderful reports we had received all day. We were not in her room for two minutes before Elizabeth inquired, "Will we get to hold her tonight?" Morgan's precious nurse quickly responded, "YES!" The responsive look upon any mother's face could have melted a glacier, especially Elizabeth's.

While Elizabeth held Morgan, our sweet child gazed into her mother's eyes. We have not seen our daughter's eyes open for extended periods of time, however, every second she kept her eyelids open was a valued moment. During the hour and forty-five minute bonding, Morgan stayed very alert and cognizant of all that was happening around her. Through these precious moments, Morgan was fed through her feeding tube. She seemed to react with each drip that reached her tiny tummy. She replicated our swallowing motion and licked the tubed as if she relished every drop. Through her slight and subtle movements, we were able to focus on the unbelievable miracle this child is becoming. She's a "premi...," she's not supposed to pick up on things quickly, but she is re-writing the books. Understand that every effort we take is to recreate a "womb-like" experience for this little angel. Remember, she wasn't "supposed" to be born for another seven weeks, but do not forget all that she has taught us with her seven weeks wth us. She is strong-willed, content and, oh, so precious. She provided us with a major moment tonight.

As stated, her feedings are going extremely well. We will soon be able to move on to other organs in her body that need attending to. Her blood-pressure, eyes, liver and kidneys are now coming into the picture, simply because her lungs and heart are doing so well. We are not forgetting her brain, which will always be the one organ that cannot be repaired if it endures any damage. However we feel so strongly, at this point, that any developmental issues will, eventually, be "dust behind the carriage," especially knowing that Jerry, Sr. shared a peice of his heart with his resilient grandaughter.

Needless to say we are beaming with joy for our precious child. She continues to amaze us in every moment. She has become our absolute addiction. The feeling of her soft, furry skin against our own is indescribable. Her improvements and efforts encourage us with every wiggle. We are so pleased and our hearts have melted into rivers.

Thank you all for keeping up with our "Simple Gift." I shed modesty as I say that she absolutely deserves all of our thoughts and prayers. She will grow to be a beacon in all of us and all of us will have a special hand in making sure.

With amazing and deep gratitude,

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mischievious Morgan

Monday, October 24, 2011 10:30 pm

Morgan is still doing very well. She continues to be on the CPAP and she is constantly improving. We are so thankful.

There is not much change today, but the little fighter proved her personality once again. She has initiated the UAB team to her antics. While her stats were absolutely fabulous, her sweet nurse went to check on another baby in The Unit. After a short time away, the nurse returned to find Morgan continuing to do well, except something didn't seem right. The nurse looked down and the little stinker had yanked the prongs out of her nose...SHE WAS BREATHING ALL BY HERSELF! After a quick reprimand, the prongs returned to their rightful place. Just to prove a point, the booger waited a little while and then pulled out her feeding tube. This little princess knows what she wants and she is definitely not afraid to let us know whatever it may be at that moment.

We are so proud of our daughter. As we pray for Morgan's health and continued improvement, please pray for the UAB staff that is taking such great care of her.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Switch-A-Roo For Our Little Kangaroo!

Sunday, October 23, 2011 10:00 pm

Morgan has had a fabulous two days! All of her stats have been better than expected roll)...SHE SWITCHED TO THE CPAP!

Morgan made the switch around 10:00 am and she is still thriving with her new therapy, 12 hours later. Her sweet nurse made her a sign that says it all, "Snug as a Bug!" We are so thankful and absolutely beaming as parents. She is so peaceful and seems to be extremely content. After her surgery, her entire tiny body was swollen, but she seems to have lost most of the fluid and she simply looks so precious. We are so proud.

Her feedings are going very well and we are optimistic that this will continue. We cannot portray the incredible feeling of walking into a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to see you daughter and have only good news coming from her amazing caretakers for an entire day. I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy.

Elizabeth was able to hold Morgan yesterday for an hour and a half. The two of them bonded and hung out while Morgan's father agonized over, what we I am coining, The LSU Massacre. In other words, those two sweet girls watched the Auburn game together and Morgan's Crimson Tide Mother will no longer be able to hold her during an Auburn game again...that will be Daddy's job. All kidding aside, it is an overload to our senses to hold her. She wiggles, moves her head, stretches and squeezes, while every movement is an orchestrated symphony on our heartstrings. We know her story so intimately and to feel her heart beat against ours is indescribable.

Our main prayer point is that Morgan continues to do well with the CPAP. We are so thankful for today's progress, but we know that she has not sustained it in the past. However, something is very different today. Her levels are so wonderful and we are hopeful that she may not have to return to the ventilator. It is absolutely apparent that the surgery on her heart is taking effect and that she is responding in textbook fashion. Further, pray for those charged with her care. We continue to develop new relationships at UAB and we are so thankful for their caring hands and wisdom.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It was the Tortoise...and not the Hare

Thursday, October 20, 2011 10:45 pm

Not much change for Morgan today. She is staying steady and we are working at her pace. As a father, I fear that my pace has been changed, forever. Clothes, cars, tantrums, you name it...I am going to have to constantly figure this little girl out.

She is doing well on the ventilator and her settings are promising. Further, her feedings have resumed and she has accepted them, "okay." However, the little princess is currently weighing in, "in the pink corner," at 3 pounds, 3 ounces! She is rapidly catching up to her "fighting weight."

Elizabeth and I are constantly overwhelmed with so much outpouring of love in our community and further. We received, yet, another delicious meal from a wonderful friend this evening, as we have for every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in our current memory. As many do, she stayed, chatted and distracted our minds from medical and parental concerns. Each time is special and we are so appreciative. To continue, we attended a reception for a business that is dear to us, because of the partners. We were swamped with great tidings and care from those in attendance. I even shared a wonderful brief moment with a friend in the grocery store tonight. We are so blessed to have so many close to us praying and cheering for our Morgan. While there are so many that can look in our eyes and bless us, personally, we are constantly bowled over by many prayers from distances we cannot fathom. We receive emails from all over the country and I have one very special email in mind from South Carolina that we received this week. While our sweet son and daughter have reached so far, their parents are simply in awe of their children and their reachings, even as far away as Russia (#2 country on this blog, by the way).

Please continue to pray for sweet Morgan. She is fighting so hard, yet she is acting more like the tortoise and not the hare. Also continue to pray for the wonder folks at UAB that are so attentative to our daughter's care. We are so thankful and we understand that we will never be able to repay our gratitude.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OMG, She's So Grounded!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 9:45 pm

Morgan is "grounded." No television or phone for one week. Her morning went so well and we were optimistic of her retreat away from the ventilator. However, there is a story to tell...

After a relatively good morning, the UAB team decided that it was time for Morgan to move from the ventilator to the C-PAP. The optimism and the angst grew with every moment. Elizabeth went to the hospital around 11:00 am and received a very good report on our tiny princess. "The switch" was on!

After lunch, I arrived to Morgan's room to see the transformation preparations. As we cheered her on, with high hopes, the nurses worked to rearrange her equipment. The Respiratory Nurse began to rub the tape off of Morgan's face with alcohol, to remove her ventilation tube and replace it with the simple C-PAP prongs in her tiny nose. As this transpired, our sweet little diva began to turn the brightest shade of red one could imagine. She was FURIOUS! While it shouldn't be a laughing matter, it was, actually, quite hysterical. She kicked, rotated, moved her arms and if she could have found, and utilized, her middle finger, she would have used that too. The fact of the matter is that over the hour long process of trying to switch her from the ventilator to the C-PAP, she simply got too "worked up" and her lungs were just not ready to tolerate the change.

When she was finally forced onto the new therapy, she didn't last five minutes. It was obvious that she simply wasn't ready for the change. While frustrating for her parents, the doctor, quickly, tolerated the result and eased us by saying that, "this was one of the expected outcomes," and that we would try again soon. We simply wanted her to tolerate the C-PAP so that her father could offer to purchase her ventilator from UAB and beat it with a baseball bat.

The fact is that Morgan returned to the ventilator and her stats did not only return to their previous great readings, but THEY IMPROVED! THIS is why she is "grounded." We can't figure this little girl out, but she shows so much promise. She is simply working at her own pace, not ours. While this may sound like "bad news," it isn't. She is still improving and working to get well. She will simply have to learn to be a little more "results driven" as her parents have learned to be.

While there is a slight bit of disappointment that she is still on the ventilator, we are so prayerfully hopeful that our sweet Morgan is progressing. We have had so much improvement in such a short period of time that we are anxious to get her home and for all of this to be the complicated introduction to the novel of her life.

The UAB team will continue to look for signs that Morgan is ready to pitch the ventilator out the window and move on. We are waiting for her to tell us when the time is right. She is so funny in the ways she communicates. If she's happy, she lays like an angel... If she's upset, she turns so red that she's purple and her forehead crinkles. We are certain that she is not in pain and that she is working so hard to be healthy. We are so proud of our daughter.

Our most immediate prayer point is that Morgan will be able to sustain improvement without the ventilator. This is so crucial to being able to move on and start working on "her other projects." Being so premature, we have many battles to face, but none more important than her breathing. We understand that battles will come upon us after this has subsided, but it's one day at a time and every moment matters. Regardless, for the time being, she is doing well. We are proud. Continue to pray for the team at UAB that has so many watchful eyes over her well-being.

Obviously, from the light-heartedness of this update, Elizabeth and I are very pleased with Morgan's progress. We are hopeful that she will continue to make strides in the right direction. While we wish that today was the day she would never need the ventilator again, keep in mind that once she returned to it, she still improved.

We so wish that we could invite all of you into her room to see her with your own eyes. Believe me, she is so precious and so peaceful. She kick-starts my heart with every wiggle. She tells me that I will lose at least twenty pounds when I have to chase her around the neighborhood. We are so thankful to have her and we are dreaming of having her home, as we will, relatively soon.

We can not stress our thanks for your thoughts and prayers for our daughter. As you can tell, she is so treasured by us and so many of you.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peaceful Princess

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 9:40 pm

We apologize for the two-day hiatus. The transition to UAB has been fabulous for Morgan, however exhausting for her parents. We will keep this update as brief as possible, but there have been some great happenings in the past couple of days!

While Morgan is far from being out of the woods, she has continued to improve. We are so thankful for the treatment she is being provided and that her little body is accepting every bit of it. She continues to be weaned off of the ventilator and as her settings get better and better, we are cheering and cheering that Morgan will be off of the ventilator this week and on th C-PAP...for good!

Her recovery from last week's surgery has been up and down, but it seems to be looking further and further up as time passes and her body heals. The results of her echocardiogram show that there is no hypertention in her lungs. As those who follow this blog may remember, that is the main reason Mo was transferred to UAB in the first place. This is major news and ray of sunshine as our hope exudes.

As a result of her improvement, I was able to hold this sweet child for the third time in her six week life. It is a feeling that is beyond any word I could insert. She is so tiny, yet the gravity of her feeling in my arms is so great. Each time, she is placed inside of my shirt and I can feel her soft skin on my chest. As she stretches her legs, moves her arms, breathes and squeezes my skin with her little hands I am magnificantly aware of how this precious child is changing my life. However, I must admit that each movement tickles me to death and I can only grin like a Cheshire Cat and have my first laughs with her. The ordeal of bringing her out of the incubator and placing her in my arms is a bit of a process, much like moving a VCR with all the wires plugged in, but I am so anxious before, during and after to feel her touch.

The past two days have, obviously, been good days for our daughter. We are so thankful and we can see your prayers reaching her little clear cave and healing her 2 pound, 15 ounce body. We can visibly see the sores that scared us of infection healing, we can watch her settings improve dramatically on the ventilator and we continue to dream of having her home to grow up before our very eyes.

As we pray, our focus continues to be on her overall improvement, but more specifically that she will, soon, be able to sustain her improvement off of the ventilator. Further, we pray that she continues to heal from her surgery and that her tiny ten stitches do not enable any type of infection. Also, pray for the entire team at UAB that is taking such wonderful care of our daughter. Finally, we pray that she is able to stay as calm and peaceful as we saw her resting today. It was an amazing sight that alleviated so much for her parents.

Morgan is a precious angel and we are so thankful for her. As I looked at her tonight, I could only think that the positioning of her stitches, on the side of her back, is a simple preparation for where one of this little angel's wings will soon be installed. She is so precious. And all of you, please remind me that I said this when she gets to Junior High.

I will tell a quick story to let you all in on how Morgan has changed our lives and the lives of others. One of the nurse practitioners from St. Vincent's came to visit Morgan tonight. She was so eager to read the machines and TRULY see how Morgan was coming along. She was so optimistic and provided so much relaxation to Elizabeth and me. After our visit, the three of us went to grab a delicious mexican meal and cherish a new friendship. We had margaritas, we laughed and we absolutely enjoyed our time together. We thank Morgan for all that she has done for so many in so little time. We were flowered with stories of how the wonderful people at St. Vincent's continue to follow Mo's journey. It is so special that so many people care. It would be so easy for them to say, "she's not here anymore...hope she's okay." But they are texting, calling, coming to visit and even putting up with my bad jokes at dinner. We are elated for our child and the relationships she has already brought together. And look out UAB Folks...if you guys continue to keep loving on us, you're going to have to put up with us for a long time, too!

Much love to all of you. Thank you for keeping up with Morgan's progress and for your thoughts and prayers.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Comfy Cozy

Sunday, October 16, 2011 8:05pm

Today has been a good day for Morgan! Our sweet, little angel has made a baby step forward today. That step is an answer to prayer!

Morgan continues to rebound slowly from her surgery. They were able to wean her ventilator settings down today, as well as, the nitric oxide. She is tolerating it. This is very encouraging to us. These baby steps are huge leaps in Morgan's long term improvement. As we stated numerous times, Morgan has very critical lungs. She will ultimately have to grow new lung tissue to fully recover. Please continue to keep the lung health and development in your prayers!

Morgan will have a post-surgery echo cardiogram tomorrow to examine her heart and lungs. This will be the first look into her body since. We pray that everything looks as it should.

We are not sure when Morgan will begin to receive milk again. Please pray for her digestive system's development and toleration of future feedings. This system is slow to "wake up" from surgery, so we are prayerful that there will be no hiccups when feedings resume.

While the cultures continue to be negative, please continue to pray against any infections. Her little body needs her strength to develop her lungs.

Morgan is growing. She is nearing the three pound mark, as she weighed 2 pounds 12 ounces today.

Today, Morgan looked much more comfortable and relaxed. We spent several hours with her, talking to her, and encouraging her. She is a joy. When we left, she was having "tummy time" and was wrapped comfortably in her snugly. She loves to be positioned on her tummy, all while kicking her legs and moving her arms. Morgan finds a way to scoot around. Are you surpised?

Thank you for your prayers for our family!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall in the South

Saturday, October 15, 2011 9:15pm

Morgan is about the same today. The doctor says she is acting pretty typically of babies with her condition, but we would like for to be making a little progress forward.

Her lungs are the most critical issue. As we have explained, her lungs are very serious. In addition to her severe chronic lung injury, her lungs and heart are having to function in a new way with pda closed. These two things combined have caused Morgan to have a very slow recovery. We are not discouraged, however, would love for her to begin to make any step forward. We pray for her continued healing, lung development and life for her lungs.

Her digestive system continues to be on the radar. While she is not receiving any milk at this time, the development of these organs is still critical.

Please pray against any infections in her little body. We have had a scare, but at this time, nothing has grown from the cultures. At this point, an infection would be cause a stall in her treatments.

Today, these are our prayer requests: 1) her overall recovery from surgery 2)her lung development, healing and life 3) her heart's healing and recovery 4) her digestive system 5) against infection and 6) against any unknown ramifications from her condition. Please keep the UAB doctors, nurses and staff in your prayers as they take care of our baby girl.

Morgan seems to be resting, but she is recovering and in a little pain. However, she still finds the courage to try to open her eyes to acknowledge us. I am amazed at the fight within her and I can hardly wait for arrival home. In the meantime, we will continue to cherish all moments with her at UAB.

Morgan watched her first football games today. We watched part of the Mississippi State vs South Carolina game. Her nurse today is a LSU fan. I tried to barter with her... she could put on the LSU game this afternoon, only if she turned on the Alabama game this evening. Her nurse said she was going to teach to say Geaux Tigers - this Alabama fan is worried that might translate to Go Tigers....

It has been an emotional and exhausting week for Seth and me. We are very tired. As true for any parent, we want only what is best for our daughter. We are confident that she is receiving the treatments she needs for recovery, but it is hard to see her so sick. Please keep our health in your prayers, too. Not only are we in cold season, but we both have fall allergies.

We thank you for your continued prayers for Morgan. In the moments when we struggle with how to pray, we know, confidently, that there are prayer warriors lifting Morgan up for us. That is very humbling! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God Bless each of you greatly!

Lots of Love,
Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Friday, October 14, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Friday, October 14, 2011 10:45pm

Morgan has had an okay day. As expected, Morgan gotten a little worse since her surgery. She is between 48 and 72 hours after surgery and seems to be feeling the effects. We hate to see her so sick and not really improving. Even though her stats, overall, are better, they are worse than they were on Tuesday. Her lungs and heart are having to learn how to work without having the pda open. Her severe lung injury results in a snail's paced progression.

While Seth and I are confident that heart surgery was best for Morgan, we realize she still has a very long battle ahead, in regard to her lungs. They are very, very critical. We continue to pray for the growth of healthy, new lung tissue, as well as, the breath of life to flow through them.

In the days to come, we hope she begins to improve. We know it will be a very slow process and requires patience. Our goal is to wean her off the ventalator. If she can get off the ventialator, then her lungs can grow stronger.

Please continue to pray for; 1) Morgan continues to heal and recover from her heart surgery. It is important that her body responds and continues to improve, 2) her lung development and growth of new tissue, 3) that no infections are present [big scare, currently] and 4) continued protection of her body from any unknown ramifcations of her condition. As always, please continue to keep the doctors, nurses, and staff at UAB in your prayers as they provide care to our Morgan. Also pray for the concern of her caretakers at St. Vincent's, who have been so diligent in their communication with us in relation to Morgan's well-being.

Sweet Morgan is being so tough! Even though she is on pain medicine and a sedative, she still wiggles when we speak to her. We know she hears our voices and it encourages us greatly. We can hardly wait for the next time we get to hold her!

Thank you for all your messages, love and support! We pray for God's blessings on each of you!


Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Go Morgan Go!

Thursday, October 13, 2011 10:00pm

Morgan seems to have had a good day today. She continues to recover from her surgery. We were told at 7pm that the doctor had said Morgan has done well, and he thinks she is moving out the recovery phase and on to the healing phase. Praise, Praise God!

Since we did not get a chance to update last night, let me recap the last day or so. Morgan had her procedure around 1:00pm yesterday. Everything went as planned and the doctors were pleased with the surgery and her. The rest of the day was spent resting and recovering. Her stats continued to stay consistent and her heart began learning how to function with the pda closed.

This morning I met with doctor and he was very happy with her recovery and said she was doing as expected, after what is a major surgery to her little body. This morning some of her stats were up a little, but as noted, it was expected. They had given her pain medicine and a little sedative to help her rest and relax. This afternoon they removed the chest tube and she continues to improve.

We learned tonight that the doctor feels that she has moved out the recovery phase and into the healing phase. The next step for Morgan is to continue to try to wean her ventilator settings, at her pace, and hopefully get on the C-PAP soon.

Morgan seems to be tolerating the new treatment for nitric oxide, as well. This is helping her lungs. While the focus these last few days has been heart, her lungs are still very critical. We know the procedure yesterday is only going to help in the long term healing of her lungs.

We have an infection scare. A culture was done, but we do not have the results back yet. In the meantime, they have started an antibiotic to try to treat any possibility of infection.

They have not resumed feedings yet. That will come in the next few days.

Please continue to pray for: 1) her continued healing from the surgery 2) her overall lung development , healing and health 3) curing of the possible infection and against any additional infections 4) her overall health and against any unforeseen ramifications from her condition and 5) her nutrition when feedings resume. Please continue to keep the UAB staff in your prayers as they take care of our daughter.

Morgan has had a lot of "firsts" this week... her first road trip and she has earned what will be her first battle scar! Through all the events of the last 72 hours, Morgan has shown her resilience and courage. She is fighting hard and her parents think she has hung the moon! We are very confident that we have taken a major step forward to her over all health.

Seth wanted to give Morgan something since she was such a big girl yesterday. MIC-KEY MOUSE...who else remembers this tune? Mickey rode home safely with Seth and is in her room waiting for her arrival home!

Seth and I cannot begin to truly thank everyone for their love, support, concern and prayers these last few days. We honestly could not have survived these days without you. Please know we are forever indebted. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We can hardly wait for everyone to meet our Morgan and see what a joy (and pistol) she is!


Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


October 12, 2011 1:26pm

Morgan is out of surgery. All went well. She is currently recovering. We are very thankful for the doctors and her care.

Elizabeth & Seth McCoin

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Day Today, Big Day Tomorrow

October 11, 2011 11:15pm

As I sit to write this post, I think it is very apropos to describe the situation to which I am looking.....

I see a beaming father holding his delicate daughter in this strong arms; arms will guide and protect her for many years to come. If there was a ever a million-dollar smile, then it is now! This room cannot contain his joy, love and hope for his baby girl!

Tonight Seth and I both will have held Morgan for 30 minutes. What a special, special treat it is hold our five-week daughter in our arms, for only the second time! Time has stood still. These moments are treasures that Seth and I will carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives. These "kangaroo care" moments are beneficial to both Morgan and her parent's well-being and soul. We hope to continue this type of care for the days and weeks to come.

Morgan has settled in at UAB and has had a great day. The nitric oxide seems to be helping her lungs. She is still on the conventional ventilator and they have been able to monitor and wean her settings down. She also resumed feedings and it is tolerating it pretty well. Praise, Praise.

Tomorrow is a BIG BIG day for Morgan. She will have a PDA heart ligation tomorrow mid-day. This is one of reasons we moved to UAB. As we have mentioned, there was always a possibility that Morgan would need to the PDA surgically closed. This is a routine and fairly low risk surgery. The procedure will be done bedside. The actual procedure will only take 20 minutes. We expect the surgery to take place around 1pm. Please, please pray for Morgan, the surgeons and all those who will be assisting with this procedure tomorrow. If you read this before the surgery tomorrow, please also pray that Morgan will remain stable enough to tolerate and have the procedure performed. Seth and I are not worried about this surgery and know it is the very first step to getting her lungs completely healed. We are confident in the doctors and Morgan. Seth and I are so thankful that we will able to begin the process of solving the heart issue.

Once surgery is over, Morgan will have a two to three day recovery period. Please begin to pray for her body as she moves into that phase.

We promise to keep you updated. Thank you for your prayers for our daughter! She has captured us and we know she will capture you, too!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bitter Sweet

Monday, October 10, 2011 9:55 pm

Morgan had a hell of a day. She started this morning with not much change, but by 2:00 pm, we were notified that her health had reached the point that she needed to be transferred to UAB.

We knew that this was a possibility, but we were still taken a little off guard. As the wonderful staff at St. Vincent's prepared Morgan to be transferred, my heart broke. Not completely for the health of my daughter, but for the daily kinship we would no longer share with those who have taken such great care of Morgan and her parents. As my eyes were full, I was unable to tell if Elizabeth was crying for Morgan's health or her friends at St. Vincent's. The move was bitter sweet. We are thankful that Morgan will be able to receive the medical treatment she requires, but we are sad to leave the presence of those guardian angels.

The medical purpose of moving Morgan was due to pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in her lungs). The neonatologist at St. Vincent's contacted UAB and the mutual decision was made that the best care for Morgan was at UAB.

The main reason is that UAB has the ability to provide therapy via nitric oxide. This allows her bronchial tubes to expand and better utilize the oxygen provided to her body. Sweet Morgan seemed to appreciate the treatment and her stats improved, almost immediately, upon her arrival at UAB.

Later in the evening, she began to fluctuate and show her true, picky colors. She had to let UAB know who they were messing with, right? She was still doing well as we left her tonight and we look forward to a steady and stable report in the morning.

Please pray that Morgan continues to take strides toward a healthy body. There is a list of important items that need to be addressed and we simply bow our heads in prayer for each of them. We are confident in Morgan's new caregivers at UAB and are so grateful for those at St. Vincent's that took care of our children and stole our hearts.

As our exhausted heads hit our pillows, tonight, we will wake up to, yet another, new normal. We look forward to watching Morgan grow bigger and stronger, as we open our arms to meeting new and wonderful people at UAB.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin
Monday, October 10th
4:10 p.m.

Morgan is in poor shape. We are currently in the process of transferring her to UAB at the mutual consent of doctors at both STV and UAB. Her levels have been very bad this afternoon which makes the transfer difficult. Please pray that all goes well with the transfer and there are no bumps in the road, literally.

Seth McCoin

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Growing and Growing

Sunday, October 9, 2011 9:00pm

Morgan has had a quiet day today. There is no real change in her condidtion from yesterday. As we wait on pins and needles for tomorrow to come, we are so thankful Morgan has not gotten worse over the weekend.

Speaking of tomorrow, Morgan will have an echo cardiogram. Her next treatment course will be based on the results of the echo cardiogram. There are several options that are possible. We hope to get the results back and know our game plan tomorrow, but realistically, it could be Tuesday.

Morgan weighed 2 pounds 8 ounces today. She continues to grow... and wiggle! One nurse, who has been off for a week, commented how much Morgan has grown.

Our prayer requests remain the same: 1) Her lung growth and development (this is critical) 2) that the PDA in her heart has closed 3) her nutrition 4) protection of brain 5) No hidden ramifications from her condition 6) against infections. Please remember the wonderful nurses and doctors who take care of our daughter in your prayers! The wonderful people have taken a special interest in Morgan and we are thankful for their care!

Thank you for your love, concern, prayers and support! We are blessed!


Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hanging Tight

Saturday, October 8, 2011 5:45pm

Thankfully, there is not much to report about the day! Morgan continues to hold tight today. There is no real change in her condition, nor much movement to get wean her from the ventilator.

On Monday, Morgan will have another echo cardiogram. This will determine if the PDA has closed or become smaller. The results of this report will determine what course of action that is next taken to help Morgan improve. Until then, if she behaves, I do not think much will change in her condition. While Morgan has received all doses for her heart in this round, the medicine can have an extended life and continue to help her heart for a couple of days. There is no way to determine if the PDA is healed without the echo cardiogram. Until then, we continue to pray for her heart health and the PDA closure.

As Seth explained yesterday, Morgan's lungs are extremely critical. Our little girl is a fighter and we believe she will overcome this lung injury. We know Who is in charge and Who is in the miracle business. Please continue to lift Morgan's lungs up fervently in prayer. I continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to enter her lungs and breathe life and healing in them.

Currently, Morgan's feedings are still suspended. She is receiving nutrition through her iv. Once we have a course of action after receivng the results of the echo carodiogram, then we will know when her feedings will resume. At this time, we pray for her digestive system when the feedings do resume.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Our prayer requests remain 1) the growth and development of her lungs 2) that her heart's PDA will close 3) against infections 4) her nutrition 5) continued protection of her brain. As always, please pray for wisdom and skill for those taking care of her.

Morgan is 2 pounds 5 ounces today... that is one pound more than her birth weight. We can really tell our little girl is growing. Our hearts melt each time we get see her and gaze into those big, blue eyes. Today she was holding my pinkie finger and tightly squeezing it. Her little hand does not even wrap entirely around my finger. We can hardly wait to hold her again (hurry and get off the ventilator, Morgan) and eventually bring her home!

Thanks again for your love and support!
Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fighting On the Inside

Friday, October 7, 2011 11:45 am

Morgan continues to struggle. Her lungs are extremely critical. Morgan has gained weight and is noticeably bigger, but her lungs are not growing in proportion. Her lungs are about three weeks behind the rest of her body due to her prematurity. They are growing abnormally which hinders their function. Morgan can overcome this by growing new lung tissue, which requires time and great patience. Please pray for life and the growth of her lungs.

While she lays so peacefully and looks to be resting, she is fighting frantically on the inside. Her mother and I so wish we could crawl inside of her little body and fight this battle on her behalf.

The doctors have shown great concern about the length of time Morgan has been on the ventilator, much less the high-frequency ventilator. While a ventilator is a great resource of assistance, it also causes damage to the lungs. The doctors continue to try to get Morgan to wean off, but she hasn't responded well enough to stay off.

Morgan is still receiving medication for her heart. We will not know how well the medication has worked until Monday, at the earliest. We pray that the PDA shows great improvement. This would be a great source of hope and would also help her lungs dramatically.

Our daughter is very sick. It pains us, deeply, to see her this way. We thank all of you for your prayers. We truly feel the embraces from over the miles. As we pray for sweet Morgan, please fervently lift up the staff at St. Vincent's.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Continued Struggle, but Prayerful Hope

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 9:40 pm

Morgan is still struggling to recover from her days off of the ventilator(s). She returned to the high-frequency ventilator today. Yesterday, she maintained the conventional ventilator, but it just didn't seem to provide her with the proper assistance. Tonight, Morgan has been having trouble and we are waiting for our sweet baby to bounce back.

Further, her heart continues to be problematic. As I explained yesterday, her lungs and her heart need to work in unison in order to circulate the appropriate balance of oxygen through her blood to the rest of her little body. There is a perfect, scaling balance that we have not been able to find for her yet. She is still receiving medicine to find her sweet spot so that the balance is found.

Her lungs and her heart remain our to most critical prayer points. Other prayer points continue to be 1) her brain's development, 2) that her suspended feedings will be able to recommence soon, 3) that she does not accumulate any infections in her body and 4) that there are no hidden, negative ramifications from her current struggle. Also, continue to pray for those taking such wonderful care of our daughter. As blessed and gracious as we are, we could never thank them enough.

Likewise, we could never repay the prayers that have been lifted in Morgan's name. As of today, this blog has received more than 10,000 hits from 5 continents and 10 countries. We certainly are in awe of God's provisions for us.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Wreath of Indecision

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 10:30 pm

Today was, for the most part, an uneventful day for Morgan. She continues to recover. Her oxygen levels bounced like a rubber ball in a toy store, but she has been able to rebound from each drop. We continue to pray for her lungs and a steady recovery, after wearing herself from being on the nasal C-PAP for so many days.

Morgan's feedings were halted overnight in order to help her recover, but have since been re-administered. This means that her recovery is progressing, since her gut is the last place to receive oxygen. We know how important milk is to her and we hope that she will be able to sustain her feedings to grow strong.

Her heart seems to be the trouble area right now. The short version is that she continues to have problems with her Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA). This is an opening in her heart that needs to close in order for her blood to best distribute oxygen through her body. She will receive medication over the next day or so to help from this being an ongoing problem. There are additional measures that can be taken to treat this, but we pray that the medicine mends her loving little heart.

Elizabeth and I were pleased to be greeted with a wreath on Morgan's incubator tonight. As some of you know, and others may not, when a child is born in the State of Alabama, they are required to declare their allegiance...Auburn or Alabama. Morgan proved that she loves both of her parents equally, as she decided to remain on the fence. Her daddy will continue to pry and prod and bring her to the lighter side of this orange and blue world. While her mother terribly disapproves, little girls were made to love their daddies. Her wreath was lovingly handmade by one of the wonderful nurse practitioners that provide her care. It is so wonderful, as a parent, to watch your daughter be loved by others. We are so thankful for her care providers at St. Vincent's. All three of us are very blessed.

Please continue to pray for sweet Morgan's health and those charged with her care. We continue to be prayerfully optimistic for our little girl and her current battles.

All of the McCoin's and Hassinger's would like to extend our ongoing thanks and appreciation for all of you, your thoughts and your prayers. We are blessed at every turn and our gratitude could never be put into words.

Thank you all,

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Main Thing Is To Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Monday, October 3, 2011 9:20 pm

Morgan made it over 100 hours off of the ventilator!!!! That is great news and we are so proud of her. Her proud daddy is dreading the amount of twenty dollar bills she's earned! However, as we knew may be the case, she wore her little-self out and has returned to the conventional ventilator. This is a step backward, but not as large as her needing the high-frequency ventilator. She has a long recovery in front of her and we need her to stay tough as she does so. We have learned that the best way to manage your child being in a NICU is just like a boring trip to Six can only buy the ticket, enjoy the pretzels but don't ride the rollercoaster. Highs and lows are, simply, just part of it.

Our sweet baby's feedings continue to be successful. She is accepting 10 ml every 3 hours. We are praying that inclinced regimen will result in Morgan accepting as much as 12 ml per feeding. GO MO (as her daddy calls her)! YOU'RE ALMOST THERE, SWEET GIRL!

She is to have a head ultrasound tomorrow, which will give us more information about Morgan's brain. We pray that there will be no trace of blood in her brain.

Further, there remains to be no sign of infection in her body. We are rapidly entering cold season in Birmingham and she needs to stay free of any infections that could be passed to her.

Please pray for all of these points, especially her recovery. Her lungs are so vital because once they are under control, we can focus on other critical organs in her body. She is, currently, unable to withstand too much stress on her tiny, frail body, so it's one thing at a time. This reminds me of my t-shirt from the Brentwood Academy Jr. High Christian Retreat, many years ago, which stated, "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." Right now, Morgan's lungs are, "the main thing."

We also ask that you continue to pray for all of those caring for our Morgan. We are so pleased and so blessed that she is under their care. Pray that they are provided with heavenly wisdom and endurance as they care for our daughter.

Many more thanks from us to all of you as we could never show any of you how much your thoughts and prayers mean to us during this time.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Infinite Moment

Sunday, October 2, 2011 9:30 pm

Morgan continues to improve. We are so thankful for her progress and we celebrate her small victories. She continues to only need the C-PAP, rather than the conventional or high-frequency ventilators. Her oxygen assistance levels continue to fluctuate, but we are comfortable with her current status.

Today, the doctor told us, "she is doing as well as anyone would expect of her at this time." While Elizabeth and I have semi-learned the language of a NICU, let us share with you what this means...SHE'S DOING GREAT TODAY!

Her lungs remain critical, her overall status remains critical, but we were able to experience one of the most life-changing instances parents will have...WE WERE ABLE TO HOLD MORGAN TODAY! For the first time in her 25-day life, we held her in our arms. As the nurse tucked Morgan inside of the top of my shirt, so that my skin contacted hers, I was beaming with excitement (apparently, skin to skin contact is proven to be therapeutic to Morgan...and, now, her mommy and daddy!) The room was not large enough to hold our smiles. Morgan sustained her time in our arms well and she did not seem to be flustered outside of the incubator. We each held her for approximately ten minutes, but time stood still as we cherished this infinite moment with her. Her small hands squeezed the skin on my chest as her feet tap danced on the palm of my hand. It was unforgettable, life-changing, mesmerizing and any other adjective one could insert. She is so small and precious. She remained calm but my heart didn't. My heart was pounding so hard, I didn't know if it was going to beat bard enough to hurt my little princess. The feeling was inexplicable and will live in me for the rest of my days. Ferrari for your 16th birthday? Yes, Morgan, you may have it...

Please continue to pray for Morgan's development. While recent days have given us joy and celebration, we know that our daughter remains in a struggle until she is able to come home (we have been told that may be after the first of the year). Pray that her lungs will continue to improve, that her heart remains strong, that her brain continues to show no sign of problems and that her body stays free of infection...especially as temperatures get colder and outside sources in the hospital could easily spread anything to her body. Also continue to pray for her wonderful care providers at St. Vincent's.

Again, thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. We are so blessed for each one of you. We are so excited to share this blog you, especially today. Please celebrate with us.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Quick Update

Saturday, October 1, 2011 9:15pm

56 hours and counting... Morgan continues to be on C-PAP machine! We continue to celebrate every minute and hour. The doctor and nurses continue to keep a close eye on her, but her stats remain steady.

Obviously, she is not a stress eater, because she has been tolerating her feedings. Over the next few days, they will continue to increase the quantity of milk she is receiving. Today she weighed 1 pound 14 ounces, however the weight lost is "water weight". The doctor is very comfortable with that.

It is crucial that her lungs and digestive system continue to improve and is at the top of our prayer list. We pray that God will protect her little body from any foreseeable harm of any kind.

Our prayers remain the same: 1) Her lungs 2) Her nutrition 3) Her brain 4) Her heart 5) against infections. Please keep the St. Vincent's staff in your prayers, as well.

When visiting this morning, Morgan was stretching and wiggling. Her wide-open hand was outstretched straight into the air. We know Who she was Praising! ;) She continues to suck her passy and look at us! She has captured us!

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers!

Elizabeth and Seth