Thursday, March 29, 2012

No News is Good News

Thursady, March 29, 2012  9:30pm

Morgan has had a very uneventful two days.  I am pleased to say there is nothing new to report.  With the exception of one come-apart, she has been very happy, played, and slept well!  Praise God!  We are prayerful this pattern can continue to for many weeks. We pray against any setbacks or infections.  We pray for healing of her lungs. 

Today, the phyical therapist showed me several ways to give Morgan a message and help relax her muscles and release the tension.  She loved it!  I love working with Morgan and doing anything I can to help her.  I look forward to giving more massages to Morgan and helping her relax! 

Please remember to send Morgan an email.  She loves to hear about her letters and I know she will cherish them in the future.  Thank you for encouraging, praying and loving her!  She is a miracle and blessed little girl! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Morgan Sandwich

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 8:15pm

Morgan has been busy today.  When she woke up, she was ready to play.  She moved from activity to activity all morning long.  When she got tired of one activity she would fuss and let her nurse know she wanted to be moved to a new one.  She has been alert and aware all day.  Her sweet nurse even sat on the floor and played with Morgan for a little bit this morning.  This afternoon, Morgan took a stroll around the unit.  Already, she is not letting grass grow under her feet…. Wonder where she gets that from???

We made a Morgan Sandwich today.  Well, she looked a like a lettuce wrap.  No, we didn’t torture her and dress her up.  I arrived today with a green Hugga- Bebe, a support cushion for infants/toddlers to use while in activity centers, jumpers, walkers, high chairs, etc.  This soft, thickly padded cushion provides support and prevents babies from slouching and slumping over.  It also helps develop trunk and neck muscles, while leaving their arms and legs free.  Morgan has an issue with slumping and slouching because is so petite.  We are constantly padding her with blankets to help sit up right.  A nurse tipped me off to this cushion.  It looks like a clam-shell that Morgan sits down in and it holds her up right.  It is snug, so it has to make her feel secure, too.  We put Morgan in her Hugga-Bebe and put in her exersauser.   She was able to reach some of the toys and swat at them.  She held her head up right and looked at all the colors and animals on the exersaucer.  We think she liked it.  I certainly helped her tremendously!  She was so stinking cute and happy!  Seth and I could have just eaten her up! 

Medically, Morgan is holding course.  She is been able to maintain her new oxygen liter level from yesterday.  Yay! The doctor is not planning on making any more changes this week to let her body get fully adjusted to the changes from the last few days.  Baby steps.  We are really hopeful and prayerful that Morgan can maintain it.  I feel like we have made some progress.   Please pray for her continued improvement, lung healing, and overall health.  Please pray against any backward steps.

Many thanks for all your your prayers and support!  We cannot express adequately the our deep appreciation for it all. 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, March 26, 2012


Monday, March 26, 2012  9:45pm
Morgan’s day has been very active.  She is very happy.  She has played merry-go-round around her room moving from activity to activity.  She was looked at herself in the mirror during tummy time and swatted at the stuffed elephant while swinging.  While sitting in the high chair, she watched the "laugh and learn puppy" dance and sing before her. Morgan had a great day. 
Morgan’s physical therapist came to visit Morgan today.  Morgan was absolutely content and did wonderful during her session.  The therapist showed me several more things I could do with Morgan to help with her body awareness and posture.  She is very pleased with Morgan’s progress. Morgan is a little stiff, but they call that “preemie-stiffness”.  This stiffness is nothing out of the ordinary for someone born at 26 weeks 5 days.  She is very appropriate for her adjusted age, given she is a preemie.  Please pray that Morgan will still continue to develop her muscle tones and gain strength.  These things will help decrease her stiffness.
Morgan weighs 9 pounds 3 ounces today.  She is a cute chunky monkey!  She is growing, and that is what the pulmonologist wants to her to do.  Growth helps her body develop new lung tissue. 
I love gazing into Morgan’s big brown eyes and talking to her.  Her eyelashes are captivating and she is so fun to just love on. 

Morgan lungs need to continue to mature and develop.  Please pray for their growth and strength.  Each day without an infection or a setback is an answer to prayer.  We pray for many more days like the last few weeks.  The doctors are really impressed with her progress and want to continue to encourage her to keep it up! 

Shhhh- Don't tell Morgan, but they turned down her oxygen dependency, again, today.   I covered her little ears as I learned about this from the nurse! :)  She has done very well with this adjustment.  We are prayerful she can continue to progress forward and tolerate this change. 

Seth is the throws of tax season. Please continue to keep him your prayers.  He needs focus at work and rest at home.  He is so torn between seeing his little girl and having to work.   He is exhausted.   I know he would not ask for prayers, because he is too humble, but I am asking for him! J  I love you, Seth!

Thanks for all your support for us all! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Splish Splash

Thursday, March 22, 2012  9:30 PM

Our little princess has had a very good day.  She has rested and played… all things that make a baby happy!  She is a cutie pie and we love watching her grow and develop.

There is not much to report today.  The doctors today said Morgan has made very good strides this week!  PRAISE!  PRAISE!  She has been able to tolerate everything they have tried with her.  She has been content.  Her oxygen dependency has held steady at the reduced level and, at times, lower than it has been in weeks. They will continue to make baby steps to help her on her road home.  Please pray that her little body will tolerate the various prods.  Please continue to pray for her lung health, healing and strength.

Our Morgan splish splashed in the bath today!  The only thing missing was a rubber ducky!  At times she loved it and other times she hated it! Surprise, surprise!  The little girl did love getting her hair washed and her head massaged.  She wiggled, cooed and cried! 

Morgan was also visited by the physical therapist today.  She was encouraged by Morgan’s demeanor today.  Morgan is a little stiff in places, but that is very normal for preemies.  She showed me more excises I could do with her when I visit. 

Please remember to keep the doctors and nurses in your prayers. The care they give to Morgan is second to none!  We are blessed with such a wonderful care team! 

We are thankful for the wonderful support we have from each one of you. We are humbled by your constant love, steadfast prayer, and unending support!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rock Star

Wednesday, March 21, 2012    9:45pm

Our little Morgan is a rock star!  Well, maybe not just yet, but she is quite the little princess! 

Today, as we had hoped, the doctor was able to wean her oxygen dependency today.  He decided it was best to take to baby steps forward instead of giant leaps back, so he only weaned her little.  Seth and I will take any movement forward.  Morgan has tolerated it like a rock star!  In other words, she has been able to sustain breathing at this reduced level very well.  In fact, Morgan is has been able breathe at a point that is low end of the scale at this dependency level.  She is such a big girl!  Go Morgan Go! 

Morgan has also been battling an on again, off again fever.  She is not acting sick and for various other reasons the team is not alarmed, but they are keeping an eye on Morgan.  While fevers can indicate infections, they are also a side effect of her lung condition.  It is often time hard to tell which one it is.  Today, they believe it is not an infection, therefore it is just part of her condition.  The doctor and nurses will continue to monitor her.  We pray it is nothing.

Our princess had sweet potatoes today!  That is right....she is now our little Sweet Potato Queen!  After a few tastes, Morgan realized that the sweet potatoes were very yummy and wanted more.  As we did last time, we dipped her pacifier in the food. Each time I put the dipped pacifier in her mouth, her eyes lit up with excitement!

I have been asked several times to clarify her how the oxygen dependency works.  While it is too complicated to explain fully, I will try to give you an idea.  Morgan is breathing with the nasal cannula in her nose.  There are two components to the air going through the cannula.  1. Liters:  The amount flow that goes through the cannula, which is measured in liters per minute.  2. Oxygen: Flowing through the cannula is oxygen mixed with room air.   The room air that we breathe is 21% oxygen.  The air going the cannula can anywhere from 100% oxygen to 21% oxygen.   

When they reduce Morgan’s dependency, they can turn down the flow or the oxygen or both.  As Morgan’s body tolerates, they will turn the dials down.  Morgan wears an oxygen saturation probe to help them monitor her body levels.

Due to Morgan’s recent stint on the C-PAP, the doctor has kept Morgan’s liter flow higher and adjusted the oxygen as she could tolerate it.  Today, the doctor reduced her liter flow by 0.5 liter.  Morgan will stay at this level for several days to a week until they feel she can handle another reduction.  Again, baby steps.  When they do reduce her liters, they turn her oxygen back up to 100%.  The nurse will wean the oxygen when can based on the saturation levels in her body. 

The end goal is 21% oxygen, 0 liter flow. 

As I mentioned above, they reduced Morgan’s liter flow, and they have been able to turn her oxygen percentage down quite a bit.  She will hang out at this liter flow to allow her lungs to adapt.  The nurses will only increase or decrease the oxygen as needed. 

I hope that makes sense.  If not, leave questions in the comment section.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shades On, Please

Monday, March 19, 2012 9:45pm

Our little Morgan has been a sweet angel for the past three days. When she is awake, she is very alert and playful. She has constant vistors (i.e. the entire nursing staff) who interact with her, talk to her, and encourage her. We are so blessed that they love Morgan and want to hang out with her.

Honestly, there is very little to report. Medically, there is not much change. She continues to hold her course and the doctor is weaning her medicine when he can. Morgan has stayed very consistent on her her oxygen levels for almost a week now. Tomorrow they will try to wean that a teeny tiny bit. They have to encourage her to progress forward. Please pray she will tolerate it and improve.

Morgan has slept through the night for a week or so now. Sometimes she will wake up to a dirty diaper, but once changed, she quickly falls back asleep. We have no idea when they will stop the 3am feed, but I hope it is before she comes home! ;)

Developmentally, Morgan continues to progress. She is gaining further head control. She is close to sitting by herself. She is becoming more aware of her body. She holds her hands together and uses her fists to rub her face. We work with her to encourage her to find her feet with her hands. If held upright, she will stand on her feet, and even bounce up in down as if she was doing squats.

Today we put sunglasses on our little one. She was sitting in her exercsaucer, basking in the sunlight from the windows. She was one cool chick. Word spread quickly and many came to see how cute she was in her shades. In fact, the sunglasses provided enough darkness that she feel asleep sitting up. When I took them off her she squinted and made a face at me.

Please continue to pray for her lungs, her over health, against infections and for her doctors and nurses. We know they are doing everything medically possible to help her grow and mature. We just want her home with us. We know we are waiting on her lungs to improve in strength. We are prayerful she will be home sooner rather than later.

Thanks for all your support!

Love, Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Baby!

Thursday, March 15, 2012 9:00pm

Morgan has had a very good two days. She continues to hold steady and is very happy. She is doing very well on her oxygen dependency and we hope it will continue to improve.

Morgan is back to doing whatever activity she wants. She kicks her legs, swings her arms, and rolls her head around. She is wiggly and playful.

Morgan has had a couple more come aparts. Most of them last only a few minutes, but some are longer. We are hoping these temper tantrums are typical baby stuff and nothing alarming. At this time the doctors are not concerned.

Morgan had her 6-month eye exam today. We are pleased to report the eye doctor says her eyes look good. He wants to see in six months at 1 year old. We are thrilled for this good news.

The physical therapist came to work with her today while I was there. She showed me several techniques and positions that Seth and I can do with Morgan. She is acting very appropriate for her adjusted age. She continues to gain strength in her neck and gain head control. We are encouraging Morgan to rub her hands together and touch her feet. The therapist also works with Morgan's muscles to alleviate stiffness and encourage movement. She is so good with our daughter.

We thank you for your continued love and prayers for all three of us! We pray for Morgan's lungs. Please pray against any viruses and infections, as these would set Morgan back. Also, please continue to remember the nurses and doctors who take of Morgan. Seth and I are thankful for their wisdom and care.


Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quiet and Fussy Day

Tuesday, March 13, 2012  8:15pm

Today there is not much to report on Morgan. Her morning was quiet and happy.  During the mid-day, she had a come apart for about 3 hours. We finally settled her down and she wanted to lay sideways in her crib.  Her afternoon involved a few cat naps and watching her mobile.  She fell asleep in the bumbo seat slumped over to her left side.   We are hoping for an uneventful and restful night. 

Today, the Pulmonologist visited Morgan with her Neonatologist.  The Pulmonologist is working closely with the Neonatologist to determine the best plan for Morgan and her lungs.  We were encouraged that the Pulmonologist thinks Morgan looks better than she did the last time he saw her.  He also gave advice on her treatment in hopes to move her forward and eventually home.  We are really thankful for both doctors and their willingness to work together.

Please continue to pray for Morgan's lungs, their healing and development!  Please remember to pray against infections or any set backs.  Please pray for her patient care givers as they continue to take care of her and encourage her. 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Day

Monday, March 12, 2012 9:00pm
Morgan day has been very happy and playful today.  She has swung in her swing, sat up in her bumbo seat, reclined in her boppy, and watched her mobile.  She also relaxed as the physical therapist gave her a massage. 

Her hands are quite animated.  She has been holding on to various items.  They are also very sneaky… she uses her hands to pretend she is rubbing her eyes, yet she is actually pulling the cannula out of her nose. 

Morgan big brown eyes gaze around and look at you when you talk to her.  I could melt in them. Not to mention the very long eyelashes that invite you in.  Here eyelashes are stunning.

Morgan hair is changing colors. When she was born, it was dark brown, almost black in color.  The pigment has been changing and it is turning more blond.  Her hair is curly, wonder where that is from?  It continues to thicken, too. 

Overall, Morgan’s oxygen dependency continues to hold steady.  When she is playful, she requires a little more.  When she is asleep, her dependency can decrease.  This is very normal.  At this time, her levels are good, especially since she was just on the C-PAP last week.  We would like for her overall dependency to go down, because we know, ultimately, she cannot come home until it does.  Seth and I will try to be patient.  Please continue to pray for overall healing of her lungs. 

As Seth and I continue to navigate these waters, please keep us in your prayers.  The journey has been very long, but we wouldn’t do it any other way.  He, also, is in the thick of tax-season.  We are in no way complaining, merely stating we are exhausted and weary.  We want to spend our days with our Morgan, but we also have work and home responsibilities.  It is a balance, which we sometimes do well and other times not so well.   We know the Good Lord is healing Morgan and sustaining us.  Our little daughter is a miracle! We love her so much!

In your prayers, please pray for Morgan’s lungs and against infections.  Please also pray for her as she continues to gain her strength back.  She is ready to play!  Also, please continue to pray for her doctors and nurses.  They have a gift and love Morgan so much.  I think the entire unit visits Morgan over the course of day.  She has a big, big, big fan club at the hospital! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quiet and Exciting

Sunday, March 11, 2012  7:00pm

Morgan's weekend has been very quiet and exciting!  Mid yesterday afternoon, Morgan was put back on the nasal cannula!  We were thrilled and took a deep sigh of relief.  Seth was working, so I texted him a picture of Morgan with the nasal cannula in her nose.  His response was, "Whew"!  We know she is much happier.  She is much more comfortable, relaxed and content.  This is not only evident in her demeanor, but also by the monitor stats. 

The doctor is going to keep her on a higher dependency for a little to try to let her lungs continue to recover.  The nurses are also going to gradually encourage her activities. They want to keep her resting and quiet.  However, Morgan had a different idea... surprise, surprise!  She made it known she wanted her swing yesterday.  Today, she fussed until she was put on her play mat.  Our little pistol is bossing the nurses around, again, which is a sure sign she is feeling better!

We thank you for your prayers for Morgan during this journey.  It certainly evident the Lord is moving on her behalf.  These steps backwards are very hard for Seth and me.  The days are long and exhausting.  We are hopeful we will never see that C-PAP again!  We look forward to her coming home and spending our days with her.

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Friday, March 9, 2012

Morning Report

March 9, 2012 8:30am

Morgan is still on the C-PAP machine this morning.  Morgan rested last night and was able to let the C-PAP work for her.  Our immediate prayer requests are for continued rest and for her CO2 levels to decrease. 

Morgan hates the C-PAP and the prongs in her nose.  She fights it and gets herself worked up.  They are trying to keep her slightly sedated so that machine can work and blow the CO2 off of her lungs.  At one point yesterday she was fighting it so much that they threatened to intubate her to make her calm down.  This is why rest is so urgent, we do not want her to be re-intubated! 

They will continue to monitor her CO2 and as soon as it is in an acceptable range, they will put her back on the nasal cannula.   We look forward to her being on the nasal cannula and seeing our happy, interactive daughter! 

We are thankful for her caring, concerned and loving team of doctors and nurses.  They are cheering for her as much as we are.  They are genuine and really love Morgan.  That is obvious! 

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Lied

Thursday, March 8, 2012  3:00pm

I lied.... Morgan is now back on the C-PAP.  While she lasted several hours on the cannula this morning, she soon got restless and irritated.  Upon doing so, her breathing became shallow and she needed the C-PAP again.  We pray for rest and recovery.  We hope she will be off, soon.  I am sure the doctor will not give in to her desires (i.e. getting prongs out of her nose), as quickly next time.  Seth and I HATE to see her like this.  It is hard on all of us - Seth, me, our families, and those loving friends we call our care team.  We have all come to know an interactive Morgan, and this is not fun.  Please pray for all of us.

More later.....

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin


Thursday, March 8, 2012  11:00am

Just a quick update to let you know Morgan is now off the C-PAP!  Our prayers have been answered!    She was fighting the prongs in her nose so fiercely, that the team decided it might be best to let her go back to the nasal cannula.  It worked. Once she calmed down, she drifted off to sleep and is resting.  Her cannula settings are on the high side and they are still monitoring all her various levels.  We are hopeful that she will be able to stay off the C-PAP, but at this time, we do not know.  If her levels go back up, they may consider it.  For now, Morgan is on nasal cannula! Praise, Praise! We will take it!  I know she is happier! 

More later...

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 6-Month Birthday, Morgan

March 7, 2012  9:30pm
HAPPY 6-MONTH BIRTHDAY, MORGAN!   That is right; Morgan is six months old today.  Her sweet nurse decorated her room for us!   Another nurse made her a cookie cake!  Morgan got to have icing tonight!  We are excited to celebrate this day with her.

Our little birthday girl is being a pistol today.  She actually had to go back onto the C-PAP today.  Being on the C-PAP means she cannot have her cupcake!   Have no fear, though, she a real party soon!    

I mentioned last night she was fussy and not resting well.  She began to labor to breathe and some of her lab work indicated she might need more assistance.    Early this morning, they put on the C-PAP and she seems to feel better pretty quickly.  While she is not back to her old self yet, she is moving in the right direction.   The doctor adjusted her medications, again, and also, ordered a blood transfusion.  She has had a lot of blood drawn recently, which could affect her ability oxygenate her body.   

Please continue to pray for Morgan’s lungs.  We are hopeful this stint on the C-PAP is short lived.  We have gotten so accustomed to holding, playing and loving on Morgan, that it is hard to watch her like this.  We look forward to her recovering quickly!

As we have mentioned, those caring for Morgan have always been thoughtful.  We are thankful they celebrate our milestones with us.  Every one of them is like family to our family.  Please continue to pray for them, as well.  We are blessed! 

Elizabeth and Seth McCon

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bumping Along

Tuesday, March 6, 2012  8:15pm

Honestly, today there is not much to report.  Morgan is still on the bumpy road, similar to yesterday.

Morgan's oxygen dependency continues to fluctuate.  Morgan is fussy, and at times, irritable.  They are not sure if Morgan is teething, restless or having withdrawals.  It could be a combination of all of the above. She did not sleep at all last night, although, she was happy and playful.  They have adjusted some of her medications, so it could be withdrawals.  The only known fact is that she is fluctuating and needing more oxygen assistance.  Please pray for her to settle down, rest, and breathe easier.  Her little lungs are effected so easily, and we do not want to regress any further.  We pray for life and healing of her lungs. 

Morgan did have a happy moment today... she was eating more peas.  Her eyes opened wide as I dappled a taste of peas on her tongue.  She smacked and smacked. That little pistol wanted more. She had peas on her hands, chin, neck and even rubbed peas in her eyes.  She was messy tonight, but loved it!

If I may take a moment, I would like to share something with you.  Today, Seth and I attended a Celebration of Life service for a dear friend.  I was struck by the ministers words.  While I believe in Heaven and being made whole, I heard it from a different perspective today.  Maybe this was because this was my first service since my son's.  Maybe it was because I thought about Houston loving Heaven and living life.  You see, the minister described our journey as life on earth, death on earth, and life in Heaven!  Life! Life abundantly! Life! I cried imagining Houston living, again!  I cried because I missed him.  Yet, I rejoiced knowing he is happy and I will see him again.  I bet he is dancing on the streets of gold... lets just hope he got Seth's rhythm.  Houston's time on earth was short, but fight was fierce and courageous.  He now is living life abundantly! My heart is full!  I felt Heaven today!

Thanks for all your love, prayers and support!  Seth and I are humbled and grateful!  This journey is exhausting, yet rewarding.  We love to be with our daughter and watch her grow.  Please remember the caregivers in your prayers, too!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bumpy Road

Monday, March 5, 2012 10:30pm

Our precious Morgan has had a good few days. While last week was smooth sailing, over the weekend Morgan began to get a little fussy and ultimately require more oxygen assistance. That trend continued today. The doctor has ruled out infections. The only flag was that her potassium was elevated. They have adjusted several of her medications to try to find the right concoction to help Morgan improve. This evening her potassium had returned to normal levels. Over night we are prayerful that this new combination of medicines will help her and ultimately reduce her oxygen dependency. Tonight she looked much better than she did at lunch, which can only mean she feels better. 

Morgan's diaper rash continues to heal.  A new approach to helping it heal was begun today.  It will take several days to know for sure, but we are really hopeful this works and we can get it cleared up soon!

We are thankful for the nurses who love Morgan and are on top of her care. They take wonderful care of her and us.

Morgan is much more alert. She looks at you when you are talking and really engages you.  It is really fun to watch her when she is so attune to her surroundings.  Her big brown eyes and long eye lashes are captivating. 

Thank you for your continued prayer for her healing, the nurses and doctors, and for us.  We are thankful!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Peas Please

March 1, 2012 10:00pm

Morgan has been a very happy baby today. She has been content and alert all day.

Physical therapy came to visit Morgan today. She worked on stretching Morgan's muscles and her posture. She also showed me several exercises that Seth and I can do with her when we visit. I am always willing to help encourage Morgan and do any therapies that may benefit her. She also providing activities for Morgan that will help with her development. The therapist is so good and patient with parents. We are so thankful that doctors/NICU care about babies to the degree that will provide these services.

Morgan had a bottle today. This is the first time since early January that Morgan has been allowed to eat from a bottle! Speech therapy came to work with her. As I mentioned, she will be getting a bottle once a day for now. Morgan took the entire half ounce they gave her. She got upset when the therapist stopped to burp her. Morgan was also able to maintain her oxygen levels while eating. She did well for her first time in a while. She will learn to collect herself and coordinate her breathing and swallowing as she begins to take more and more bottles. Overall, it was a good experience.

Morgan also had a very big treat today. Morgan ate green peas! That is right, green peas! Morgan loves to taste and have flavors in her mouth. Per the doctor's suggestion, we can give Morgan baby food on the end of her pacifier. We hope to awaken Morgan's mouth muscles and her taste buds by giving her baby food. She absolutely loved the peas. She smacked for more. She had food from ear to ear in excitement.

Morgan is learning to use her hands and coordinate their movement more. Within the last week, she has learned to rub her eyes with her fists, and pull down on her nasal cannula. She also holding onto more and more objects. At times, she will use her hand to hold her pacifier in her mouth. Morgan is usually uses her right hand more than her left hand. Are these early hints of her being right-handed? For us, it is fun to recognize these new developmental signs. We are thankful she is progressing.

Please continue to pray for Morgan's lungs, against infections, the healing of her tee-hiney, and for those taking care of her. We are thankful for each of you!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin