Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sleep, What is Sleep?

Thursday, May 24, 2012  10:00pm
Miss Morgan has behaved for the last two days, mostly.  She continues to be on the C-PAP and tolerating it well.  The settings are very low, in fact, low enough to take her off of it. However, the doctor wants to take it slow and give her a day or so more of rest.  We are thankful for his caution and know that is probably best. 

We all know that Morgan is not a text book case and doing everything the way she wants!  She often plays opposite day.  Morgan keeps her doctor and nurses on their toes!  Start praying for us and her teenage years, now.....

Morgan has not slept in 36 hours or so.  She has cat-napped, but she has not gotten into a deep, restful sleep.  For the most part, she is content.  This afternoon she was a little more fussy, but who wouldn't be after no sleep?  We are hoping for a restful and peaceful night full of much sleep.  She needs to quit fighting it and really sleep. 

Despite being tired, she has not lost her spunk.  She proceeded to pull out her feeding tube today with her hand.  Then, she worked it out a second time with her tongue.  Of course, that meant two additional outfit changes today.  As her nurse said, that is Morgan and if she was not acting this way, then she would be worried!  That little girl!

As she has adjusted this week to the C-PAP, the team continues to monitor her closely and adjust her medicines as necessary.  We ask for prayer for her little body.  We pray that it continues to learn to function properly as medicines are weaned.  We pray for her lungs and all other organs.  We pray for overall healing.  We pray against inflammations and infections! 

While she is on the C-PAP we cannot hold her.  Since Mother's Day, neither of us has gotten our snuggle time with her.  We are itching for her to get back to the nasal cannula so we can hold her in our arms.  We look forward to rocking her, taking her for walks and giving her a bath. 

We thank you for your many prayers for our little girl!  It is humbling how many people care our family, who genuinely love us.  Thank you for all your love and support.

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

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  1. Thank you so much for updating the blog so faithfully! Praying for Morgan's little body and mind to rest deeply tonight and that you can hold her again very soon!!

    We love you!