Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still On Track

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 8:00 PM

Morgan's CT scan results came back today and we are pleased.  While chronic lung disease is not a positive, the doctors were unable to find any more negatives.  In other words, they were looking for some very specific things that could have greatly complicated Morgan's battle, but praise be to God that those demons are not present in our daughter's lungs.  This is the best news we had hoped to attain from the scan. 

We learned that Morgan's lungs have improved since birth and we are delighted with this news.  Pray that she will continue to improve and grow new, healthy lung tissue.  As the doctor said, "Morgan is, clinically, getting better."  The neonatologist and the pulmonologist will continue to look for windows in which Morgan's care may be optimized and her improvement accelerated.  The doctor is optimistic for Morgan (as we all are) and says that her lungs simply need time to grow and heal. 

Further, the doctor(s) are encouraged by the activities in which Morgan is able to engage.  For instance, the stimulation from her play mat is, in fact, helping her lung development.  Think of it this way, if we are excited, we breathe a little more and force our lungs to work a bit harder.  This principle stands true with precious Morgan.  And, boy, does she get excited when she sees the lights blink!  Another example is her "boppy pillow," which allows her to sit up, stretching her lungs and allowing the air to flow much easier into them. 

We are encouraged by today's news.  We look forward to watching sweet Morgan develop in every aspect of her life.  We are so thankful for those at UAB that are there to prod her, cheer for her and love her all the way through.  We are also thankful for all of you.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wiggly Wild Woman

Monday, January 30, 2012 9:15 PM

Morgan went for her CT Scan this morning.  I went to the hospital to see her off on her field trip.  As I walked into her room, the mobile incubator was in the process of being prepared.  It's kind of like an RV at Talladega, but for babies...and it has oxygen tanks.  I walked to her crib and she was sleeping with her foot already wrapped with a new purple shoe...more girly stuff I'm going to have to get used to.  Her purple shoe is, essentially purple tape wrapped around her foot to keep her from pulling out her i.v.  She has become a professional "i.v.-puller-outer" in her few months with us.  Eventhough she's already all about mischief, she was resting well.  I spent some time with her and then it was time for her to prove her tiny personality to the radiologist.

We were told that during the scan, she became enraged and had to be restrained with her feet being held down and her arms held above her head.  Keep in mind, this is after the precautionary sedatives had been given to her to keep her still.  I have to laugh just thinking about it.  I can't tell you how strong this little fighter is and it can be a task to keep her from wiggling (I wonder where she might get that from...).  Regardless of her extracurricular movement, the scan went well and the doctors were able to get a clear enough picture of her lungs.  We are very glad that they have a clear picture, but we would very much like to find out what it looks like and what the doctors think of it.  We should receive that information tomorrow.  The waiting game is understandable and annoying all at the same time. 

In other news, Morgan may be able to take milk from a bottle sooner than we thought...even as early as tomorrow.  There is a chance that additives will be added to her milk in order to thicken the consistency so that the milk can trickle into her tummy and not her lungs.  This will be a slow process to say the least, but better than taking all of her feeds from the feeding tube.  It is currently slated that she would attempt two (out of eight) meals per day from the bottle.  The pulmonologist, neonatologist and speech therapist(s) will all be watching carefully as she attempts this new step.  Our fingers and eyes will be crossed as we cheer her on, as parents.
Please pray as we receive the results from the CT Scan tomorrow.  Please also pray for the wonderful doctors as they read it and come up with their plan of action for our daughter.  Further, continue to pray for the wonderful, hands-on nurses that continue to nurture our daughter and our hearts, as we continue this road. 

Finally, we continue to receive requests for more pictures of Morgan on the blog.  Some pictures are cuter than others, since she is "hooked up" to something most of the time, so here is a pitcure of me playing with her on her new play mat this weekend.  She loves her play mat and she is able to sit up in her "boppy pillow" and enjoy a break from her crib.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Friday, January 27, 2012


Friday, January 27, 2012 4:50 PM

I have just returned to my office from spending the entire afternoon at the hospital waiting for the results of Morgan's test(s).  And when they wheeled her back into the room,  you could tell she had been tested.  The little stinker was absolutely tuckered out.  She was completely knocked out and ready for a nap...

It seems that study showed the doctors that some of Morgan's milk is getting into her windpipe and, eventually, into her lungs.  We've all drank water too fast and had that choking feeling that makes us cough, well that's what is happening to Morgan.  Sometimes she will cough and other times she won't.  The result is still the same, fluid is getting into her lungs, making breathing a struggle for her.  At this point, the doctors will need to have a meeting of the minds and figure out the next best step for our precious daughter.  It is likely that she will not receive any further feedings from a bottle until she gets stronger and requires less support for her breathing.

I also met the pulmonologist that will treat Morgan now and after she comes home.  I voiced my frustration with (not "at") him which is that she is, simply, not getting better.  I wanted to know if this was a usual time of recovery or if she is taking longer than others.  A little bit to my dismay, he echoed my frustration(s).  He mentioned that she is recovering unusually slow and he wants to know why.  She has not had any hypertension that we have been able to detect, however, she shows signs that it my be back...or never really went away.  Monday morning, Morgan is going to have a CT Scan in order to get a closer look into what her lungs truly look like. 

While the results are not what we would have liked, we at least have a better grasp of where we are and where we need to go.  I've mentioned before that, "Twas the tortoise and not the hare."  This little love bug is requiring some intense patience, but she's getting stronger and cuter with every passing second.  She's tough.  I like that.

Please continue to pray for sweet Morgan.  She needs to rely less upon the oxygen she is receiving and get to a point to where she can take her meals from a bottle.  Again, the high reliance upon the support and the lack of being able to eat on her own are the only things keeping her in the hospital.  Pray that she will overcome this and that those rooting for her find patience and solace in the meantime.  Finally, continue to pray for the wonderful staff at UAB.  They are fabulous at what they do.  They are knowledgeable, articulate and comforting. 

Thanks to you all.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jammin' with her Rattles

Thursday, January 26, 2012 9:00pm

Morgan continues to hold her course.  Her days are spent playing, swinging and resting.  Overall, she seems very content.  When she is awake she is very alert.  When she is asleep, she is Sleeping Beauty!  It is so fun to see her grow and develop!

Morgan had an eye exam today.  She promptly told the doctor what she thought about him looking into her eyes by pushing his hands away from her head.  His comment was, "Morgan is tough!  He is very pleased with Morgan's eyes. He says they look very good and she does not need another exam until she is six months old. If all is OK at six months, she will not need another one until she has lived with us for an entire year! This is great news! 

Morgan is also preparing for her Swallow Study to be conducted tomorrow around 1:30pm.  Please pray that the test will go as planned and that we can learn something from it.   The doctors want to make sure Morgan is not aspirating while she is trying to eat.   As Seth mentioned, in preparation for the test, they have been giving Morgan a bottle once a day to get her used to swallowing and breathing, simultaneously, again.  The therapist(s) have told us that Morgan is very hungry and eager to take the bottle. She has not forgotten how to suck.  Due to the high flow oxygen, it can be hard for Morgan to swallow formula and breathe at the same time.  As her dependency decreases, this will become easier. 

Morgan has wrist rattles.  These are little rattles that have Velcro so she can wear them as bracelets. As she moves her arms, the rattles make noise.  This is good for Morgan's development.  The nurse told me today she heard Morgan "Jammin' with her Rattles" from across the hall last night.  She is a mess!

Morgan's hair is beginning to turn more blonde.  It is not the dark brown that it has been for months.  Her hair is showing signs that she may be toe-headed now.

Please continue to keep Morgan, her parents, and her caregivers in your prayers.  We are so thankful to each of you for your support, love and prayers. Truly, we are!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

PS  This is post #100.  We never intended for this to go as long as it has, yet we are thankful for all of you for keeping with us.  Our sweet Morgan needs your prayers and we are so thankful for them.  While the sharing will continue, and no doubt...your prayers, we are constantly humbled by so many that care for our daughter...  Thank you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Really Impressed!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 9:20 PM

Morgan is starting to really impress this proud daddy.  Yesterday, the speech therapists tried to give Morgan a bottle to see what would happen.  Her oxygen settings are not low enough to be terribly optimistic, but she ended up taking a third of her lunch from the bottle!  I was elated when I heard.  Today, they tried it again...and the little rascal took half of her lunch from the bottle today!  I can't tell you how exciting it feels to hear such good news!  She is maintaining her weight and looking strong, at 7 lbs 2 oz. 

She continues to be alert when we visit her.  It is so much fun to watch her look around her room, which has been all she's known of the world thus far.  She sat in her mother's lap tonight and all I could think of was how beautiful she is and how I can't wait to see her first reaction to her loving pooch, Wagg!  I have a feeling that neither one of them is going to have the least inclination as to what to do with each other...at first.

Friday afternoon, Morgan will go with the speech therapists for another "swallow study."  This is where they will, basically, put Morgan behind an x-ray machine, feed her from a bottle, and watch the path of the milk to make sure it's going where it's supposed to go...her little plump belly.  Please pray that this procedure goes well and that we can find out what our next best steps will be. 

For the first time, I am requesting a selfish prayer.  Please pray for Morgan's parents.  We are exhausted.  The nights of leaving the office, going to the hospital, then to dinner, then to either the hospital, again, or heading home for chores/projects is really taking its toll.  I am at a complete loss as to how this will work out during tax season, my busiest time of year, as an accountant.  Please pray for our strength and endurance as we await Morgan's arrival home. 

As always, we are so thankful for those at UAB that continue to love our daughter.  Please pray for them as they continue to treat Morgan and ease her parents' minds. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rolling Along

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 10:00 AM

Morgan is beginning to take steps toward her goal of taking her meals from a bottle.  Her oxygen dependency is lessening for the moment and we are prayerful that this will continue.  She is getting stronger and keeping her weight.  She's over 7 lbs now!  She looks like such a big girl!  She loves to sit in her Boppy and just take it all in.  Her expressions are becoming more and more adorable.  Last night, when I walked into her room, after dinner, she literally turned her head and looked in my direction!  She also loves her play mat, so much.  The nurses just plop her down on the floor and she will stay there for hours, no joke.  The more she melts her daddy's heart, the more afraid he is of her...

Thank you all for the continued prayer.  We are so grateful.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Um, Um, Good....

Sunday, January 22, 2012 8:15pm

Morgan has had a very nice weekend! As we have reported recently, Morgan's medical condition has not changed much.  She continues to breathe with the assistance of oxygen through the high-flow nasal cannula.  She is progressing very slowly. Today, she has made a teeny tiny step forward as far as her dependency is concerned.  Although slow, we are thankful she is not taking steps backward.  Please continue to pray for her lungs to heal, development and growth.

Today, Morgan got a REAL treat!  We gave Morgan a taste of MaMa's (my great-grandmother) homemade chocolate icing!  She quickly discovered how yummy the little taste was and smacked her lips for more!  I, of course, put a little more on her tongue.  We laughed at her expressions and the faces she made.  Morgan had chocolate all over her face!  She loved the chocolate! Morgan is going to be a girl after my own heart!  I can hardly wait to teach her how to make it! 

We thank you for your continued support, prayers, and love!  Truly, your encouragement is felt!  We know our Morgan is a miracle!  Seth and I want her home badly, and we want all of you to meet her.  We can hardly wait!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Friday, January 20, 2012

Still Steady

Friday, January 20, 2012 9:30am

Morgan continues to hold her course.  She is very active during the day and rests well at night!

She is a happy baby. She makes noises, watches her mobile, kicks her legs and waves her arms.  She spent three hours yesterday afternoon on her play mat watching the lights and kicking in delight.

We met with the Pediatric Pulmonologist yesterday.  Since Morgan's lungs are her greatest battle, we are thankful that we can begin to establish a rapport with this doctor.  He will likely see Morgan once a week and work with the Neonatologist to create care plans for Morgan to help her lungs heal and move forward.  We will see him once she leaves the hospital, too.  Seth and I are thankful for his wisdom. He is a specialist for the condition that Morgan has and we have great faith that he will help her.

Please continue to pray for Morgan's lung healing and growth. Please join us as we pray against infections, too!  I was reminded yesterday of the risks if Morgan gets an infection. We are thankful Morgan seems to progress developmentally, and we pray that continues, as well.
Pray for the doctors and nurses are charged with Morgan's care.  Also, pray for the Neonatologist and Pulmonologist as they begin to work together to help our daughter.

Thank for your continued love and support.

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Club Morgan

Wednesday, January 18, 2011 9:15pm

Again, Morgan's medical condition has changed very little.  The doctors are trying to encourage her to move forward in various small ways, but they are not pushing her too fast.  In the last day she made teeny tiny improvement in her dependency on the oxygen.  Even though very small, it is progress.  We will celebrate it all!

Email Morgan:  morgan.mccoin@yahoo.com   She loves to hear about her email.  We can hardly wait to take these letters and give them to Morgan one day. She will be able to see all the people who have been praying, loving, encouraging, and cheering her on! 
The last few days it is has so much fun to visit our Morgan!  She is loving her play time.  She swings, bats at the stuffed animals, watches the mobile, and chats with the nursing staff.  Many of the unit nurses come to visit her, even when they do not have her as their assignment for the day.   Seth has put lullaby's on an ipod for her (and the nurses) to listen to.  The nurses have deemed Morgan's room Club Morgan! 

Morgan is beginning to try to roll over more.  When she is on her play mat, she will reach, kick and turn.  She is very good at rolling to her side.  Last night she almost turned all the way over. 

Also, last night, we witnessed Morgan sucking her thumb very intensely and intently.  She deliberately was taking it in and out of her mouth.  She is learning to bring things to her mouth, especially her thumb.   It amazes us!  It is fun to watch her grow and develop!

Please continue to pray for Morgan's lungs and her overall health.  We know the Lord will breathe life into those little lungs and bring healing.  Pray also for her caregivers.

Thanks for your love and support!
Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Monday, January 16, 2012

Slow and Steady

Monday, January 16, 2012 10:00 PM

For now, no news is good news.  Morgan is staying on her path, consistent with the past two weeks.  Of course, we would like for her to progress and make steps toward coming home, but we are thankful that she is not taking any downward turns.

She continues to be awake, alert and curious.  It is such a joy to watch her.  She has so many adorable facial expressions and we reach for our cameras as each heart-string gets a tug.  I fall more in love with her with each moment.  Our nights are getting longer, as we find it harder and harder to leave the hospital.

Morgan has a ways to go before she is able to return to bottle feedings.  She could completely wow us and make this jump quickly, but is unlikely.  Remember Morgan's motto, "Slow and steady wins the race."  I can only pray that she will be as patient with me as the years pass.

We are so thankful for all of those at UAB.  While we hope that they tell of us a new "light switch" that will make our baby girl better, we can sit back and bask in their knowledge and friendship.  Please continue to pray for them, as well as Baby Morgan.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Engaging Her Senses

Sunday, January 15, 2011  9:15pm

Morgan has had a very nice weekend.  Her medical status has not changed.  We are pleased.  She has not regressed.  Of course, Seth and I would love for her to improve over night, but we understand that her progress forward and her lung healing is very slow. 

This weekend was playful and restful for Morgan.  She played during the day and rested well at night.  This afternoon, Morgan spent over an hour on her play mat sitting up in her bobby pillow..  She batted the stuffed animal with her hand, watched the lights, listened to the music, and cooed in excitement.   She was engaging multiple senses at one time. I was mesmerized and could have watched her for hours upon hours.  She had so much fun and was content.  In fact, she was so happy that she feel asleep while playing. 

Morgan is growing!  We compared pictures of her that were taken this week and last month. It is amazing how much she has improved physically and developmentally.  It is fun to look back and notice these milestones.  Today she weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our Morgan and her caregivers. 

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Interactive Morgan

Thursday, January 12, 2012  8:45pm

The last two days not much has changed with Morgan's status.  That is good because she is not getting worse.  She is slowly, very slowly, recovering from her stint on the C-PAP last week. 

She continues to breathe with the assistance of the nasal cannula.  Her dependency is a little more than it was in December. We are not worried about that and realize that time, maturity, weight, strength and new lung tissue are going to help reduce the need for the cannula.  Please pray for her lungs. 

The doctor has not resumed bottle feedings yet.  When her oxygen dependency reduces, they will begin to feed her again.  Today Morgan weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces.

The doctor explained to us the fine line between pushing Morgan to improve and letting her move at her own pace.  It is very important to encourage and prompt her, but we do not want to over do and take more steps backwards.  We are thankful for his wisdom and trust his decision making in regards to Morgan's care!

Morgan has had an active two days!  She has sat in her bumbo seat, reclined in her boppy, and played on her play mat.  She is so interactive.  All of the nurses keep stopping by her room to visit, play and hang out with Morgan. They are spoiling her!  It is so much fun to see the pictures they take for us of Morgan during her activities.  We are thankful for these pictures because it is glimpse into her day when we cannot be there!  The doctor has requested that Morgan do some sort of activity at least three times a day. He wants to encourage her development and believes this will help with her overall movement forward.  Sitting up helps her lungs and organs, the activity inspires her brain, and her muscles gain strength.  She is close to getting full head control.

As a result of all her activity, she sleeps very well. The nurse said last night Morgan rested and slept very well!   She didn't have any fussy moments. I hope this means she is learning the difference in day and night!

Thank you for your prayers for Morgan!  We are so blessed!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Content and Alert

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 9:50 pm

Morgan had a good day today.  She seemed very content and alert.  She is staying pretty steady right now and we look forward to her bottle feedings to resume soon.  We have not been told when that may be, but are hopeful that it will be sooner, rather than later.

She is so aware of her surroundings.  We love to see her with her big eyes wide open!  Due to her new love of being awake, her physical therapists told us to bring her a play mat for the hospital room.  They will set it up on the floor and begin to have her react to all of the shiny, squeaky things that intrigue her.  This request triggered a run to Babies R Us for the ages.  There were no commas on the receipt, but it was a shot over the bow, for sure!

Please continue to pray for Morgan's development and also her wonderful care team at UAB.  We could not be more in love with our little girl, nor so pleased with her exceptional caretakers.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Special Visitor

Sunday, January 8, 2012 8:45pm

Morgan's weekend has been up and down.  While she is still on the nasal cannula, the doctor has threatened to put her back on the C-PAP. 

Yesterday, Morgan was extremely fussy and couldn't find rest.  Nor, could she get a really deep, good breath.  In turn her CO2 levels began to rise.  As happened earlier in the week, if her CO2 levels get too high, she will have to go on the C-PAP to help exhale it from her little body.  Her team of nurses have taken extra efforts to keep her calm and relaxed.  Their efforts seemed to have worked because her levels were improving.  The nurses are spoiling her by holding and rocking her, all the time!

Today, Morgan looked liked she felt better.  While they are still very aware of her levels, the nurses felt she was resting better and a little more comfortable. They continue to monitor her and we hope she is moving forward.  Please join us in prayer as we pray for her lungs, their healing and her progress forward.

At this time, Morgan is not eating by bottle. The doctor wants to try to get her breathing under better control before trying to feed her again.

Morgan had a very special visitor today.  Cousin Catherine McCoin!  Morgan's new room is very close to the entrance of the NICU.  The rule is that no children are allowed in the NICU unless they are a sibling of the baby.  Well, Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Seth pulled a few strings.  We convinced a nurse to let Catherine, our 4-year old niece from Nashville, to peak in at Morgan through the glass door!  Catherine has been writing letters, coloring pictures, and making things for Morgan since she was born.  Words cannot describe the look on Catherine's face when she saw Cousin Morgan for the first time!  Sheer excitement and joy!  I must say there were not any dry eyes in Morgan's room.   Morgan opened her little eyes and reached her hands towards Catherine, as if to say "HI"!  Before Catherine left to go home, she told me that visiting Morgan has the highlight of her day!  Precious!

Thank you for your continued love and support!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Relaxed Day

Thursday, January 5, 2012  9:45pm

We are pleased to report that Morgan had a very uneventful, quiet and restful day!  She was able to get some much needed sleep and rest for her little body.  She is much happier not having to fight the prongs in her nose from the C-PAP. 

We are thankful for her rest and sleep. When she can relax and rest well, her lungs have the opportunity to allow new tissue to grow within them.  As explained before, the new tissue will help Morgan breathe better and ultimately allow her to wean from the oxygen support. 

When she wasn't sleeping, she was wide awake and interactive.  She is a tune to our voices and will often turn her head to look at us.  She continues to follow the mobile on her crib and she loves the music that it plays to her.  She loves to swing. 

Her feedings were suspended when she went on the C-PAP Monday.  They have not resumed yet.  The doctor is going to give Morgan a few more days to adjust back to the nasal cannula before beginning to try to feed her the bottle again.  Please join us in praying in advance for feedings.  She will have to learn to eat and breathe at the same time, again.

Today when I walked in her room, there was a different air about it.  I wasn't walking in with the anxiety of her being on the C-PAP.  Rather, I walked into a room of calm and contentment.  That certainly helps put our worries at ease.  That feeling provides hope and allows us to look forward to the day when she will be able to come home with us! 

Tonight, I picked her up and help her on my shoulder.  We rocked back and forth for about an hour. She slept and I melted.  I love the feeling of her soft, curly hair on my cheek.  The tenderness of her little hands grasping my finger brings hope.  Her grunts and coos are music to my soul.    I am reminded of the real miracle our daughter truly is!  I could hold her forever! 

We continue to pray for Morgan's lung growth, development and healing.  Please continue to pray for her overall healing and movement forward.  Also, pray for Seth and me as we begin to prepare our home and our hearts for her arrival home.  Pray for the team of nurses and doctors who take care of her.

Thank you for your continued support for all of us!

Elizabeth and Seth McCoin

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wonderful News

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 10:30 pm

Our little rock star did it!  Morgan came off the C-PAP tonight.  We are so thrilled, but we are even more thrilled in the way it all took place. 

After a long night last night, Morgan did not show signs of being able to make the switch this morning.  At lunchtime, she was still fussing up a storm.  There was no consoling her.  She stayed on my mind all afternoon as I tried to get the smallest piece of tax work to completion.  I want her to do so well and it's so hard to watch her in any discomfort.  The sight of the prongs in her little, bloody nose stayed in my mind all day.  I wanted her to just get better.

I left the office later than I wanted to, but I knew that I had to at least get one thing done today (and I'll surely finish it in the morning).  After I left, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then it was off to the hospital.  We couldn't stand the waiting as we talked to our wonderful nurses and waited for the doctor to "round."  When the minutes had passed and the doctor arrived at her bedside, Morgan's nurse began to explain how uncomfortable Morgan had been and that her breathing had been steady enough to retreat from the C-PAP.  The doctor agreed and before he had even left the room, the respiratory therapist had been called to bring in the equipment for the nasal cannula..."now." 

Sweet Morgan fussed all the way through the transition and my thoughts ran wild, tempering my excitement.  The process was finally at it's end and you would not believe how calm this precious child became.  Her eyes opened, she stopped crying, her daddy melted and, I promise, the world began to spin more evenly on it's axis.  The immediate change in her disposition was emotional to watch.  The sounds in the room changed from lullabies drowned out with cries to lullabies occasionally broken up with her little "piggy snorts."  It was a great moment to be her father. 

We will continue to pray for her improvement.  She will take her meals from a feeding tube for a few days to allow her some rest.  We pray that when the bottle feedings resume, she will soar like a cute, tiny rocket.  Further, we will continue to pray for those at UAB that are so wonderful at what they do.  I've told many people that I can't imagine the hearts that lie inside of these great folks to be able to work in the NICU.  To be able to love these babies and to comfort the parents takes so much and we are so thankful for each individual, at St. Vincent's and UAB, that have heeded their calling so well.

I love writing these types of updates.  I love my daughter so much.  I just can't tell you what it feels like to watch her navigate through this.  It is nothing short of inspiring. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

p.s.  Morgan crossed the 6 pound mark today.  6 lbs, 2 oz.  She's gettin' a little chunky and I love it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brief, But Hopeful, Update

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 8:45 pm

It seems that the switch back to the C-PAP has brought upon the intended results.  Morgan's little body is responding well to the additional help.  Her carbon dioxide levels have returned to a comfortable state and we are hopeful that her stint on the C-PAP will be over soon.  There are whispers that we may try her on the high-flow nasal cannula in the morning, bringing her back to being off the C-PAP. 

Please pray that little Morgan is able and strong enough to cooperate.  Please also pray for the continued wisdom of her wonderful care team. 

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin

Monday, January 2, 2012


Monday, January 2, 2012 9:50 pm

Well, little Morgan gave us quite a scare this morning.  We woke up to find out that Morgan has returned to the C-PAP.  The reason is because she is unable to fully exhale the carbon dioxide in her lungs.  There was so much carbon dioxide in her that at the time the decision was made to put her back on the C-PAP, her carbon dioxide levels were, literally, off the charts.  The testing machine was unable to read the amount. 

Since that time, she has slowly crept back to a reasonable range.  We pray that this stint on the C-PAP will be short and a return to the nasal cannula will be sooner, rather than later.

Of course, this is a setback.  We do not like to report this kind of news, but it simply goes with the territory. 

Please pray for Morgan to get stronger and to not need as much assistance as she is currently requiring.  We will also be lifting up prayers of thanksgiving for the doctors and nurses and UAB who continue to give our daughter such wonderful care.

Seth and Elizabeth McCoin